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Buserlin and Menopur injections


Hi all,

I have been on buserlin since 24 March and started menopur last night. I have had no issues injecting the buserlin but last night I found the menopur injection painful and it bled slightly. This morning I had the same issue with buserlin. Has anyone experienced this. On my first cycle the injections were completely painless (that was a short cycle).

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I did the long protocol with Buserelin and didn’t really have any issues with the injections except for some minor bruising in the odd one or two towards the end of the protocol... I was absolutely religious about rotating my injection sites but I think the ones where I got bruising and a tiny bit of blood were when I randomly injecting the exact same spot as a few days before by accident or something. I think it’s natural for your body to tire of the injections after so many days and start to react but unfortunately I think the only thing to do is grin and bear it til it’s over ☹️ Hope the end is in sight now and good luck! x

I didnt have too much trouble with the buserelin injections but I found the menopur ones nippy. Not sure if they are all different but mine were pre-packed with loads of needles and I swear some of them are so blunt which obviously caused a bit of stinging and sometimes bruising unfortuately. I just think they are cheap, crap needles! At least you shouldnt be on it too long!xx

Thanks ladies! Like you say grin and bear it! Will try to find new injection sites!

Hi rekhap

I am having the same issue as urself. I find the menopur is stingy and have a couple of bruises (I do bruise easy anyway) the nurse suggested I change the injections to my thigh to give my tummy a break which helped slightly.

Wishing you luck with the rest of ur treatment xx

rekhap in reply to staceymac83

Thanks! Might try the thigh tonight! Good luck with your treatment too!

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