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Anyone contracted parvo virus during ivf pregnancy? Worried sick!

Hi everyone, its been a while since ive been on here...

I had a second cycle of ICSI and ive been fortunate enough to be successful! Im 12 weeks today but dont have my dating scan until 29th May..

29th April my niece woke up with slapped cheek syndrome and i had been with her all weekend, at this point i was 8+3 gestation.. Midwife said not to worry, its generally only contracted to children and had taken my bloods a week later on 6th May.. Ive since been on holiday and the hospital have been unable to contact me until yesterday! My midwife rang and told me i had contracted the parvo virus...

Up until now ive showed no signs of fever/cough/red cheeks, until today, ive woke up a poorly specimen (coincidence) and now worried sick about my little ICSI baby 💔

Risk of miscarriage and if the baby contracts the virus it may develop foetal hydrops (fluid on the body) causing heart failure and anaemia ...

Can anyone PLEASE give me some hope that this is not going to happen 🙏🏻

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Hi Laureu I hope you’re ok! Must be such a worry!! Why don’t you call the helpline and speak to Diane or ask her on here. Did you ask your midwife for advice? I was tested for this and found to be immune. It’s hard not to be paranoid especially around toddlers who always carry bugs but i’m sure you’ll be fine xxx


Thank you for the reply! Sorry, who is Diane? Yeah I’ve spoke to midwife, she couldn’t really tell me much.. I’ve got an appointment with a consultant next week, dating scan on Tuesday and then consultant wants to scan me herself on Thursday... I’m devastated, all this hard work and now its another fight to get through this.. Feel like the odds are against me xxx


I’m sure you’ll be ok 🙏🏼 It’s a really common virus, the Consultant will hopefully reassure you. I’m gutted you have this to stress about 😢. I try v hard to keep away from toddlers at the moment, even if i’m offending family and friends by not attending kids parties etc but I’ve also had chicken pox and measles scares and it’s just not worth it. People don’t understand because they haven’t had to go through what we have. Diane is the wonderful nurse on the Fertility Network helpline, she has tonnes of experience and knowledge and hopefully will answer you on here but you can ask her a direct question on this site. I wish you tonnes of luck and hope baby is absolutely fine xxx


Did they say whether it was IgG or IgM? (If it is IgG positive then that means past exposure and immunity). Generally the incubation period of parvovirus is about two weeks so if you had the blood test on 6th May and exposure was before this, your symptoms today are likely to be coincidence rather than parvovirus itself.

The transmission to foetus is pretty low and it sounds like you are having all the right care.

Hoping all turns out well but appreciate it’s going to be a hard few days to get through. Xxx


Thank you Zoe.. Yes the virus is live at present, not igg unfortunately :( i think i have made myself poorly with worry and stress, loaded with cough and cold.. Its a long wait until Tuesday but hopefully my little fighter is all good and well and we will have more answers on Thursday seeing the consultant xxx


Will be thinking of you. Xx


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