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Desperately needing advice please

Following down reg on buserelin I went for a scan today. It’s day 2 of my period and I was expecting them to say that my lining is nice and thin and I’m ready to start stimulation. Instead I was confronted with a huge black blob on the screen. They have found a cyst on my right side. It was so big that she thought it might be a folicle until she realised it’s the wrong time in my cycle to have such a big follicle. This is on top of my right side endometrium and a low AMH level.

I am feeling very low. My clinic emailed and said they are waiting to get blood test results before they can give me instructions.

I have no knowledge of what this means for my ivf. Has anyone had such a cyst and still had children? Please give me any information you might have

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This has happened to me twice at the start of ivf, please don’t worry! It’s frustrating but hopefully you will be like me and next cycle it will just be gone! First time it happened they did actually start me anyway, but all that happened is the stims grew the cyst so we abandoned after a few days of stims. The next month I was normal again and good to go.

It happened again last month, so we are trying again next week on my next period xx


Hi Orla

Thanks so much for your message. This really helped in calming me. This morning I was told I have a functional cyst and I’m okay to continue on with treatment. Starting stims tomorrow. Really relieved and feeling positive again. Talk about rollercoaster of emotions!!!

Thanks once again. Best of luck when you try again next week. I will send all my positive thoughts to you for next week hun


I had a cyst and my clinic were not even concerned, I carried on the cycle as normal! This really surprised me to be honest, but I'm now 19 weeks pregnant so it was obviously fine! Please try not to worry, big hugs xxx

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Wow congratulations! This messages make me feel hopeful and inspired. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy

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Thank you :) xx


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