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How long to wait after failed fresh cycle

Hello Ladies! I had a failed fresh cycle with one 1 x 5dt in Board. Test date was last Friday but got af on Thursday. I was disappointed, sad and annoyed following it but feel pretty determined to continue. Luckily I’ve 5 good quality blasts from the fresh cycle. I’m keen to go ASAP as I’m 37 and feel determined to look forward. Any advice on how long to wait after failed cycle? It will be fet next time. My af came as expected and I usually regular. Just looking advice from ladies who have been through similar. X

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I had round 1 in October/early Nov

2nd Fresh was Feb and AF came around Mar 9.

FET started on the bleed after that so around April 1. It came about a week early which was weird. And then it took me about 3 weeks on estrogen to get the lining thickness up. Had transfer on April 26. So it was pretty much right away. I was so sad and frustrated with the BFN and just wanted to try again soon. I insisted on getting a cancellation slot for my follow up appointment which thankfully I did and started on the next cycle otherwise my appt would have been early May. But thats when I got my BFP in the end.

I was worried I was starting so soon and people say to give your body time to relax after the hormones etc etc. I was on the long protocol and i knew I’d have a medicated FET so I didn’t see the point in ‘clearing’ my body of hormones only to have more put back in. Of course I was worried when my period came earlier than expected - seems like nothing Was going right at any stage and then it worked out!


My clinic says at least 1 normal cycle before trying again


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