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2 failed fresh IVF cycles now starting FET cycle

Hi we started our IVF journey more than a year ago. I assumed using IVF would guarantee me a baby. How wrong i was :( 2 Failed fresh cycle attempts. We have 6 frozen embryos and we are about to start our 3rd cycle using 2 frozen embryos. 3rd time lucky i hope :) has anyone had success after 2 failed fresh attempts? x

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Hi I am in same situation, two attempts failed first was fresh ICSI, sadly couldn't make it. Had four embryos frozen in that attempt. Now one FET failed again. That is how I myself came across reality. It may take time as I am told. Miracles do happen but may be luck counts. At least now I understand this dreadfull rollercoaster do drained me of all tears and sobs. Now cannot weep even. A silent silence going on. Trying to tell myself its a miracle but not always, whatever will be will be. Yes this reality ruptures soul and heart but life is like that.

Anyways thinking to hold your hand and trying to muster up my strengths as well, and wishing you and me all the very best xx


Hi Jessica, im in the same situation waiting for my 3rd cycle with a frozen embryo. Im focusing on the fact that this embryo is a survivor and 3rd time lucky as you say ! :)

Youre in a great situation with 6 frozen embryos, we have 1 - do you know whether youre doing a natural cycle or with drugs for FET ? Im waiting for my consultant appointment to find out x



Just found your post - I am totally in the same boat as you. Were you successful in the end?

I have just had two hatching blastocyts replaced in a natural FET and will be testing next week. I am not not raising my hopes as my last IVF was successful but resulted in a M/C. It took its toll on me.

How did it go after the FET? I had some light brown spotting 72 hours after the embryos were transferred. Is this normal?

Hope it all worked out for you.


How did you get on with your FET monks? I too was suggested a natural modified FET and I am considering this (we only have 1 frozen embryo) or a fresh cycle as I am 39 and cannot afford to waste time.


Dear Jessica

How did you get on with your 3rd cycle using 2 embryos?

We only have 1 frozen embryo and are considering going for FET or a fresh cycle... Decisions, decisions...


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