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Severe diahorrea - 4 weeks pregnant


I got my BFP 3 days ago and have just had 2 bouts of really bad runs within 1.5hrs of each other!! We did go out for an anniversary meal but I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary. Until now I’d been more on the constipated side with the odd soft stool but this was unreal! Can anyone tell me 1. Is this normal?, and 2. Is it harmful/of risk to pregnancy? Is it likely just the Cyclogest pessaries causing it? I’ve normally stopped those by now as my old clinic stopped them upon a BFP so this is longest I’ve been taking them.

Thanks xx

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Hi hun

First of all happy anniversary. Sometimes our bowels play up when we're pregnant and although you didn't eat anything out the ordinary it could have reacted in a different way now your pregnant. Certain foods I normally love and don't have a problem with iv ended up having loose stools whilst pregnant. I would advice to drink more water if it carries on go speak to your gp as I don't think it's a good thing to have constant loose stools. I could be wrong. Hope its stopped now. 💝😘💝

Thanks hon x


I was exactly the same for the whole time I took the pessaries. Constipated for a few days then an upset stomach for a day. Cycle repeated until I came off them. I only took them for 2 weeks so luckily didn’t last to long but I see some ladies are taking them up to 12 weeks.

Apparently it’s the extra hormones when pregnant plus the extra caused by the pessaries. Just eat as usual and drink plenty. Hopefully it will pass quickly for you too.

Congratulations and happy anniversary xxx

I will be on them till week 12. I haven’t had this problem before now, nor in previous rounds! Thanks Lynn x

I have had had a migraine xture of bowel moments through out my pregnancy. Got told it’s normal xx

The pessaries are the culprit! Can you switch to using them vaginally for a few days while it settles? In the meantime just make sure you stay hydrated & I’m sure it’ll do no harm xx

WeeMrsH in reply to Wishfully

I do use them vaginally x

Progesterone definitely messes with your bowels and I’ve heard before that loose stools are a sign of pregnancy. Just take care not to get dehydrated chick xx

Hopefully a little from column A, and a lot from column B! Thanks Lizzie xx

My blood hormone came back at 161 Thursday. My Greece clinic want me to repeat Monday. So I still feel the big question hanging over me - am I really pregnant? Ha! Had a burst of symptoms this weekend so 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Aargh. Symptoms is good though. 🙏🏻

Hope you had a nice anniversary and I hope this issue has settled for you now. I think it could be down to the pessaries I spent most of my 12 weeks of pregnancy either constipated or with lose stools. Since being off the pessaries my bowels shave been much more normal for myself. If it's causing you too much issues could you change to a different brand of pessarie? X

WeeMrsH in reply to daydreamer89

Thanks my lovely. It hasn’t been as bad as that episode. I can put up with what I have now xx

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