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Sub chorionic bleed 6 weeks pregnant


So after a massive bright red bleed on Monday followed by brown spotting and then an even bigger bleed on Wednesday sitting on the toilet with blood pouring out (tmi sorry) went to the epu today for a scan and saw our baby measuring 6 weeks with a heartbeat. Not out of the woods yet as I have a sub chorionic bleed below the sac which is causing the bleeding but I have been told I will have more bleeding and not to worry unless it’s bright red like nose bleed colour blood.

Back in two weeks for a scan.

Has anyone got any knowledge of a sub chorionic bleed?

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Hi lianm8. It's when a small part of the placenta separates from the womb and the chorionic villi - little shaggy like protrusions are trying to reach out to reattach the placenta. Often it reattaches and there is no further problem. A common cause for a bleed during early pregnancy. Make sure you rest when you can and hopefully all will settle down again. Diane

lianm8 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane. Is it anything to worry about? They said it was below the sac? Xxx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to lianm8

Hopefully it will settle down and reattach. It happens and we never know why. I’m sure they will rescan you in a couple of weeks to put your mind at rest. Thinking of you. Diane

Glad to hear everything is ok! Long may that continue!xx

lianm8 in reply to Cinderella5

Fingers crossed just constantly bleeding inbetween brown and red so it’s hard to stay positive but at least I know the reason for it now which makes it a little less nerve wrecking xxx

A positive step forward though, it’s great you’ve seen your baby and a heartbeat. I have everything crossed for you, I hope you have a peaceful 2 weeks xx

lianm8 in reply to Hannah143

Yes positive step forward just want the bleeding to stop soon but the clot is 3cm so still a bit to come away! Thank you very much xxx

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