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Bfp 6 weeks ago, heavy bleed today


I got a bfp 6 weeks ago on our second round.

I’ve had a heavy bleed this afternoon, almost to the day of when I had a mc in March with a natural pregnancy.

I don’t know how I’m meant to carry on with this journey :(

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So sorry to hear this my love absolutely awful... have you gone to epu yet.... lots of ladies bleed in early pregnancy... please go and get it checked and have a scan... i pray its just a blip and everything works out xxx

I'm sorry this is happening hopefully you will not lose this baby some people have reported heavy bleeds and it has all been ok for them x

Am hoping that it isn’t anything serious. Sending you big hugs 💕 xx

Oh no, really hoping its nothing. Have you spoken to anyone to see if they will scan you?xx

Sorry you are going through this. I hope you can get a scan and see what's going on. Like the others ladies have said, it is possible for you to experience this and still go on to have a healthy baby. xx

Really sorry to read this but please take heart that many people appear to have heavy bleeds and all is fine, they just don't know what caused it and all carries on as normal. Could be a chat or anything. It would be best to call your clinic and the epu. Hopefully you will get a scan and can be reassured that all is ok.

Sending you big hugs xx

I had two heavy bleeds and everything turned out fine. See if you can get yourself a scan xx

Just went for a private scan because I can’t get into my clinic until tomorrow and there’s a heartbeat. They don’t know what’s causing the bleed- it’s now dark red almost black. I’m totally flummoxed I was certain it was a mc again. I hope it stays strong 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thank you all so much for your messages they really helped me in these past few hours x

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Phew! That is wonderful to hear. xxx

Ohh that’s brilliant news xx

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Fab news!! We had the same & the relief of seeing that heartbeat is indescribable. We are now 24 weeks, so there is hope!! 😊

Great news!!xx

Great news x

Great news xxx

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