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Af or implantation bleed 🤷‍♀️


Hi, just wondered if anyone had any thoughts. I’m 7dp5dt. Up till now I’ve had minimal side effects/symptoms. This afternoon I start feeling like Af is due. Then get some brown spotting. Still have pains like Af. Never had a bleed on any previous cycles until it’s failed at OTD which is next Thursday. Could it fail and I bleed this early? How do you know if it’s implantation bleed just to try and hold out some hope? Thanks xx 🤗

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Sounds very promising to me!! Had this at 8dpt on my fresh cycle, brown blood when I wiped only, for 1 day. Had cramps throughout the day and the day before. Got my BFP 3 days later. I'll keep everything crossed for you x

gemmy999 in reply to Kitcat12

Thank you for replying. I’ll try and stay positive. It had been a very different cycle this time. I’ve gone from not feeling anything, to cramps, spotting, hot flushes and a constant headache in the last 24hours. As everyone says, all the symptoms are the same for Af and early pregnancy. This couldn’t get any harder!! 🥵 congrats to you, hope your doing ok xx

Kitcat12 in reply to gemmy999

Isn't it crazy how different each cycle can be. Do try and stay positive, as long as you don't have red or heavy flow you're still not out of the game. I'll keep everything crossed for you. Thanks, feeling great so far x

Dogpark in reply to gemmy999

Keeping fingers crossed for you!

Hey Hun could be a good sign I’ve had cramps and pains for the last 3 days like AF is coming but today I’ve not had much luckily I’ve not bled at all hopefully I don’t either I’m also 7 days past xx

gemmy999 in reply to Sexy376

Thank you. Wishing you lots of luck. We’ve not go to long to go now! Although it feels like it. I haven’t bled again since the spotting 🤞🏻🤞🏻 and cramps have eased xx

Sexy376 in reply to gemmy999

Exactly like me too the cramps haven’t been so bad today hopefully carries on that way I’m still getting pains on my left side though good luck to us both xx

Stay positive and keep thinking happy thoughts xx

Brown blood is old blood so it could be implantation definitely. It's not long now until otd. Keep strong and keep thinking your positive thoughts. Lots of love xx

gemmy999 in reply to Camillage

Thank you. Could the old blood be from anything else other than implantation? Hope your doing well. Not long till you meet your little one ❣️ xx

Camillage in reply to gemmy999

Could be all sorts. Implantation, a nick from when they did the transfer, old lining. They do say not to worry about brown blood as it is oldx

gemmy999 in reply to Camillage

Thanks for your reply. So really you wouldn’t know if it’s an implantation bleed even if it’s brown 🤷‍♀️ xx

Camillage in reply to gemmy999

No, unfortunately not. I wish there was a magic way of knowing. We just have to believe the magic is happening xx

I think it’s so difficult to tell as pregnancy and af can have the same symptoms. I my case for the first cycle I had no bleeding or cramps and it failed. Second cycle I had red blood bleeding for a day and awful cramps for about 3 days and it was a bfp. He is 10 months old now, I remember panicking reading post after post about red blood bleeding and they were mostly negative. Luckily in my case it wasn’t. Good luck got otd hope you get your bfp xx

Hi, thanks. It’s so hard to know what’s happening it makes it very frustrating. And everyone’s stories are so different. Congrats on your bfp. xx

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