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What type of exercise I am able to do?

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Hi all,

I have been in pain since I started the Buserelin, and feeling really tired. I had my egg collection on Tuesday (19 eggs of which 9 are fertilised). I will have my transfer on Sunday and everything is looking good (today I was informed the embryos have 6 cells which is great). But since the start of the treatment I only was able to go to the gym twice. I now start to feel normal again and I love to do yoga or pilates (used to go 3 times a week) but I was reading on the web that yoga is not good... any advise or insight?

Many thanks!

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I just had my EC today and asked the same thing as I like to go swimming, the nurse said no strenuous activities or heavy lifting but other than that to carry on as normal.

I would do what ur body feels able to do and stick to your gut instinct.

Good luck xx

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Coqa in reply to staceymac83

Many thanks for the replay and good luck for you too xxx

Hi Coqa, I was told no running, hiit or weights. I’m an avid gym and yoga goer, so understand where you are coming from. My yoga studio recommends no yoga in the first trimester (including the 2ww). So I basically stuck to just going for brisk walks everyday. xx

Hi Smang, yes that is what I read about no inversions at all and I’m so sad for that as I love yoga. But in any case I don’t want to take the minimum risk so I think I will continue to go to the gym to do some light stretching and a bit of bicycle, I guess won’t hurt.

Many thanks and good luck xx

I was told no heavy lifting, don't run a marathon hahahaha. Not to have sex (thank god) Also not to go swimming because thr risk of an infection! But Yeh nothing strenuous. Which is fine by me 😁

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Coqa in reply to elle80

Thanks Michelle! I will stick with light exercise 😉

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elle80 in reply to Coqa

I've just sat on my arse a lot! Haha 😂

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