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What to do?


I’m been trying for second baby since August 2016, it’s been a long two years and with loosing my dad last year it hasn’t helped. I’ve been going FSH but since that hasn’t helped I was told next option is IVF. As my husband and I already have a child we have to pay for this. After months off discussion we decided to go ahead with only having one shot and see what happens. Treatment started in October with all going well, we had four eggs removed and I was super excited, by the next morning my hopes was shattered by the phone call off the eggs wasn’t mature enough and treat has failed. Everything just came crashing down with me but with having a little already I’ve tonput on that brace face mummy is just fine. So my question is what do I do? Try again or walk away? Money said off it isn’t a problem, my husband would like to try one more time and I’ve got the final say but my head says no and my heart says one more try but I’m scared off the end result.

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I feel like you didn’t get a proper shot at it this time with no mature eggs, so personally I would feel as though it was unfinished business not to try again. They should be able to tweak your protocol and maybe give you a longer trigger to give a better chance of success.

I think k you have to ask yourself if you'd always wonder what if?

We suffered secondary infertility and also decided to give IVF a go..for me, I knew I had to try everything I could before we would consider adopting.

I know there is always the 'what if it doesn't work' but you also have to remember the 'what if it does'

Good luck xxxx

My motto is better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do (red hot chilli peppers lyrics). But don’t feel that you have to rush in to it, take your time and do it when you feel you’re ready. It’s frightening thinking of things that could go wrong but perhaps you could try thinking of the things that could go right. It’s a self preservation thing that stops us hoping sometimes, but whatever happens it won’t hurt any more or feel any less happy if you had hoped for it i.e. it won’t change your response. Sorry if that got confusing!

I’m in the same situation, I’m going to try again when I’m ready.

Do you know the reason for your secondary infertility?

I’m going to explore mine some more, how can you just switch on and off?

Throughout this journey you have to be prepared for disappointment, it may work and you miscarry as I did. It may not work at all or you end up in a situation like you’re in. Do what is right for you, if you can afford it give it one more shot xx

Hiya, I’m sorry to hear your first cycle didn’t work out. I think if I were you I’d follow your heart, especially as your husband also wants to give it one more go.

Sometimes your first IVF is kind of like a trial go as they don’t know how your body will react to the protocol they’ve put you on.

Now having had one cycle, the clinic you’re with will make the adjustments needed and hopefully you’ll have a better outcome second time round.

Wishing you lots of luck moving forward xx

I would want to know the reason why the eggs weren’t mature to help me make the decision. If it’s something that could be fixed fairly easily during the next round then I think I’d be tempted to have another go and see what happened. I always think whenever you have a reason for something then you have a way forward, it’s when everything goes perfectly but you still don’t get a good result that I start questioning why it is. (Ps if you do go ahead then bear in mind that there are still a relatively high % of embies that look normal but just fail to implant for no reason at all (for my age I was told between 40-60%) so if you manage to get some Frosties then I would recommend using them all as I do think sometimes it’s a numbers game)

Than you very much for all the advice, I managed to pick the phone up today and say yes to my next round off IVF. We’re not going to start until after the new year just to give us some time and especially to enjoy Xmas with our 5 year old who is very excited Santa is coming soon. We are going g to change our protocol and they will give my the trigger injection at 36hrs to egg collection instead off the standard 38hrs and see iff this help the eggs to be mature. Xx

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