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Can I exercise???


We are about to start our first round of icsi next month and I keep forgetting to ask the staff about exercise. I go to the gym a 3x week doing personal training which is a mix of cardio and weights. I love the gym as it’s been my destress during this time. When I start treatment should I cut it out or change things? I don’t want to cause any issues I could have avoided....

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This depends on the drugs you are on... if you are stimming (and I think you will be) you should tone down your gym work. Your ovaries grow from the size of walnuts to the size of lemons during this stage, so there is a risk that you could cause ovarian torsion (particularly with twisting, jumping, lifting weights, exercises stressing your core etc).

To be honest I stopped completely to be on the safe side, but that’s a personal choice. Definitely have a chat to your clinic about what you can and can’t do safely.

With the frozen transfers you have more flexibility and can exercise as normal right up to transfer x

Hopefully a worthwhile sacrifice if you get your BFP xxx

I liked jogging but I have stopped for the whole procedure. You have a personal trainer so maybe you could discuss with him/her?


I Buttons21. I would cut back so you don't increase your testosterone levels too much. Could you swap to swimming and brisk walking for a while. You could do the walking on the treadmill if you prefer. Also your personal trainer should be able to advise on being careful at this time. Good luck! Diane

Thanks for all the help. It just made me think. I think I’ll probably start to cut back a bit and get my trainer to devise a gentle programme so even before treatment starts next cycle my body isn’t under stress from exercise.

Hi Button, it so difficult to know what to do for the best isn’t it, there is so much conflicting information out there! I asked the nurse about exercise when I signed the consent forms, I explained that I pole dance (for exercise lol!) and she said that if I stayed at the level of exercise I do now and don’t increase it I can carry on, but other things you read tell you to stop. I love pole and find it really distresses me so I’m just going to play it by ear and see how I’m feeling during stimming and just make a decision as I go along x x


I trained at a similar level to you. During my fresh cycle I continued until about a week into stimulation as that is when I started to feel uncomfortable and I was worried about the risk of torsion after doing some reading (my clinic gave different advice depending on who I spoke to). We had a BFN but I don’t feel it was related. I restarted training a week later and continued for my frozen transfer cycle until transfer. I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and restarted training less often and at a lower level but with my trainer at 10 weeks.

It’s a personal choice - there is a risk of ovarian torsion if you are having stimulation drugs as the ovaries grow to the size of grapefruits! This is definitely not a time to increase strength or fitness - just maintain. Hopefully your trainer should be able to give guidance too. Most important thing is to listen to what your body is telling you- if it feels tired or painful, don’t ignore it! Good luck! Xx

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Thank you... I know I have to do what’s best for us to succeed but to cut out training completely would really stress me out (not to be selfish) but it’s the time I get to relax. Certainly I would ease up, using lighter weights and def stop if I felt any issues.... I know I will need to stop at some point.

Hi Buttons21

I was told after transfer not to lift anything over 5kg x

I like to do HIIT workouts 4/5 times a week and was advised by my nurse (and the lovely people on here) to swap to gentle exercise such as swimming, walking & yoga also some small hand weights. Reason being is that the drugs you are taking are increasing the amount of eggs you are producing & their size and intense exercise could cause the eggs to twist which would become a medical emergency. You definitely do not want that! As it turns out this time around I've not managed much movement last couple of days before egg retrieval or after. Just listen to your body, it will definitely tell you what you can & can't do lol! All the best 😘 xx

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