What to do?

So I'm on my first frozen embryo transfer with two embies frozen from my second and last NHS cycle. One is 5BB and other is 3AB.

The embryologist called today and recommend they thaw both for transfer based on the fact I have already had two average fresh embryos and one good quality fresh embryo transferred in the past, all of which were not successful.

My husband was keen only to thaw one as this still gives us another chance but the embryologist said, what I had thought, that it doesn't matter if we hold one back if they are going to implant they will, regardless if they are transferred together or separate. She says transferring them both will give us a better chance of success.

The negatives would be this is our last chance saloon with the NHS and if it was successful the higher risk of miscarriage for a multiple pregnancy.

I know only we can decide but it would be good if any of you have any input or words or wisdom. 💞

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  • If it any consoltion i always had 2 put back and i am in my 6th cycle and last cycke we only bave 1 frozen

  • Good luck moira hope this is your cycle xx

  • Thanks Katya38. Hope everything is going well for you and the adoption process.

  • Thank you. We start our training in 2 weeks. Can't believe how fast its going!! Well...so far xx

  • That's great. Yeah seems to be moving quicker than expected, which is great.

  • That's a tough one 😬😬 I've had 2 put back in and never worried about multiple pregnancy (gosh if it happens, so'll be it). But I understand you might want to have two more cycles instead of one (no cycle is ever the same so the same embryo might in theory implant differently?). Do you trust your embryologist? Can you actually choose against the advice? Can you have a consultation re this decision? Personally I'm private and trust my embryologist and hence would go with her advice. But it is your decision and perhaps it would be best to get a second professional opinion before making the final call. Whatever you do.. good luck and let's hope it results into a successful pregnancy!! xoxo

  • Yeah we can choose one. We are thinking of taking their advice. They are the experts after all.

  • Everytime I went with their suggestion...in the first fresh cycle they transferred only one embroy. I got pregnant but miscarried n in my first fet they decided to transferred two embryos n nw I m 17 weeks 2 days pregnant with single baby...good luck to u..

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. Always great to hear a good outcome.

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