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Lining scan and failed cycle


Hi Ladies, I had my first scan today since taking progynova (day 7) on 6mg. Dr said there was only 1 line and we need three for fet transfer. My second scan is on Friday and am taking 8mg progynova from tonight. Dr said if lining doesnt get to the level, my cycle will be cancelled and I will have to restart after a bleed. My question is, what does it mean by 3 lines should be there, what is a failed cycle? and what will I be restarting ? Sorry for the questions, I am confused and feeling a little deflated after today and exhausted with this journey. Any advice or experience would be appreciated.

Thank you x

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Sorry to hear this. It’s just a never ending journey of ups and downs for ivf sometimes! I remember on my last cycle when they discovered a cyst/follicle and they said they may not be able to carry on with treatment (I’m having donor egg ivf)... I was so upset! I just wanted to give up. But thankfully all was well. Right not your doctor will be wanting to see a lovely thick lining growing... so it wouldn’t be worth them popping an embryo in if it’s not thick enough... keeping fingers and toes crossed Friday’s scan will bring better results xx

cryst4l in reply to emu2016

Thank you Emu. It just feels like this horrible roller coaster. Hormoned constantly all over the place. One min we are told good news, then its not do good. Mind goes crazy. I hope fridays scan is better and i have waited for this for so long now so a further few weeks is ok. Hope you are ok on your journey xx

Hi, I had this on my first FET cycle and it is so frustrating. Essentially they want your lining to get nice and thick and when it does they’ll be able to identify 3 different layers within it - it just shows how developed it is I guess!

On my first FET, I kept spotting so my lining just wouldn’t thicken up and I think they put me up to 10mg with so success so they basically said stop taking them and come back next cycle. On the second FET, we did a combination of 8mg and a 10mg patch every 3 days, and that did the trick.

Hopefully it’ll have made some progress by Friday, but if not, see if they’ll give you patches next time as some people just respond to them better than tablets.

Good luck x

cryst4l in reply to Busybee88

Thank you busybee. I didnt know about these patches. I will ask the dr. Really hoping it improves for friday. X

Its important to have a triphasic endometrium in order to transfer. Its also important to have the appropriate thickness but when I spoke with my consultant regarding triphasic v lining thickness they indicated the triphasic bit was more important but I am sure others will say both.

As the other ladies mentioned they will stop your meds, allow you to have a period and probably get you right back on it with a higher does oestrogen either oral, vaginal and potentially add on oestrogen patches. I have done all of those.

Good luck


cryst4l in reply to DC13

Thank youdc13. Thats the term he used but I didnt know at the time of the scan what he meant. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the link xx

I think they’re looking for a triple layer lining on your womb which is called a tri laminar lining. Fingers crossed for you for Friday 🤞 xx

cryst4l in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks Vickie, oh the ups and downs on this journey hey. 😕Hope you are well xx

Tugsgirl in reply to cryst4l

I’m ok thank you xx

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