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Struggle to down regulate

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Frustrated ! Started buserelin injections on day 1, 2nd March.

Scan on day 21 revealed I hadn’t down regulated so they gave me norethisterone tablets to force it.

Turns out instead of a heavy bleed I had a much lighter than normal one !

So at next scan not DR again and had a follicle showing.

Given another prescription of norethisterone but increased dosage. Finished those Saturday. Still no bleed.

Frustrated as this is nearly 7 weeks now of injecting buserelin and I’m still at trying to down regulate stage.

Is this going to affect my cycle the way my body doesn’t want to react to the drugs. ?

Anyone else struggled so much to down reg ?

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Hi Mrsh123. So sorry to hear of this happening to you. You've been trying with this cycle a long time now, so you need to speak to your specialist and see whether you need to abandon it and maybe try a different protocol. Obviously, I wish you well with any decision that is made. Diane

Thanks for your response Diane.

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