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Down regging and AF

Hey all,

Hope we are all keeping well.

I am doing long protocol and on day 12 of Buserelin today, my implications meeting seems like such a blur and im just wondering if and when I should expect to have AF or some sort of bleed.

I was feeling very tired last week and very emotional but this week I am my usual happy self, back to the gym and feeling positive - hope this doesn't mean the medication isn't working, praying it means that body is just coping well.

Any advice on previous experience would be fab? I have baseline scan Monday so guess all will be revealed then!! xxx

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I had a bleed on day 11 after doing the buserelin injections but everyone seems to be a little different! Good luck for Monday. xx


It seems everyone is different but that's not a bad thing I guess! Thanks hun xx

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Hi, good luck with your cycle, I didn't bleed at all, but I know that its normal if you do xx


Hi, okay that's good to hear - makes me feel okay!! Thanks a lot xx


Did you start your buserelin on day 21 of your cycle?


Yeah x


I think you should expect a bleed then. Mine started on day 30 of my cycle but I usually have a 27 day cycle so it was a bit late.


Mine is usually a 29 day cycle, but now I'm on day 33. I keep getting cramps so maybe it will come soon. Thanks very much xx


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