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Pregant after egg donation


This is my 7th cycle iui, ivf and now egg donation. I had a biochemical pregnancy last may, a miscarriage after egg donation in December and now on final embryo and pregnant again. I had 2 small spots of blood at week 7 and I go for scan on Monday. I have no pregnancy symptons and I'm so worried there will be nothing there. Anyone been in a similar situation? I'm not giving up I'm praying all ok with my wee baby but sick with worry x

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All you can do is take good care of yourself and hope all is well it seems whatever symptoms you get or don't get are not a reliable indicator.The wait to know is so hard but sending all the best wishes I have that you will get good news at the scan x

Some ladies say that they don’t get any symptoms at all, my best friend is one of them. Good luck for your scan xx


Hi Little-chefs-mum. Try not to worry about lack of symptoms. Hopefully your scan will reassure you on Monday. Thinking of you. Diane

Best of luck to you. Some women just don’t get symptoms early on. Xx

Hope it’s good news on Monday. No words of advice just wanted to lend words of support 💕

Hi Little-chefs-mum, My mum had three of us girls and no symptoms for any of us! With luck all is well 💕 xx

I bled more than just a spot of blood from 5 weeks to 9/10 weeks roughly. I did not have any symptoms either. My dr prescribed PIO shots since I was just on pessaries that seemed to help an to keep babies in place. I hope for good news for you. I during my ordeal I also read that egg donor pregnancies spot more and hv slightly more bleeding episodes than other kinds of pregnancies

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Thanks so much it's something like that I just needed to hear 😊


thanks for your support. Delighted to say all was good with scan and heard the heartbeat xxxx

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