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Hi everyone :) we got back from a nice relaxing week away at the weekend, then off to London today to get OH's test results at the urologist. He's been having investigations after our 4th cycle failed. My egg quality is not great it seems due to PCOS, but it was suggested we have him checked out as well. They found initially that some of his levels were below the expected norm, and his DNA fragmentation was a problem. After two spells of antibiotics and repeated tests ( and a lot of money :( today we had some good news in that the levels were around or better than normal. Although they are now even better, the urologists view was that even with the initial results, he didn't think the sperm had necessarily been the reason for the poor fertilisation of the embryos. So we are back to the theory that my eggs are not so good. I think I have come to the point where I just want a baby and if that is via egg donation, then that is cool with me. I will be contacting our clinic in the morning to set up a meeting, but would love to hear positive stories of egg donation xxx

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  • Hi pinky I can't give you any success stories however my story does not seem to different forms yours and I am just about to start my DE process.

    Wishing you lots of luck for your future cycles xx

  • Hey thanks LBM1979 :) best of luck to you. I have so many things running through my head but just want to get on with things. Fingers crossed for you xxx

  • We tried 3 cycles with my own eggs but sadly just didn't have the quality. Now on 2nd cycle using DE as our first DE cycle didn't work. I just knew ultimately I want to be a mummy so if I have to go about that using this way or adoption then we are happy to do that xxx

  • That's how I feel, has just taken me some time to process it all. Fingers crossed for you on this cycle xxx

  • It took me a while to get where I am today, but haven't looked back since. Really hoping this is our turn or adoption may be the route for us xx

  • I tried just one cycle and my own eggs (all two of them) just didn't fertilise. I'm currently on day 6 of the two week wait... sat in an airport waiting to come home from Cyprus with two embryos on board :) xx

  • I always get a good number of eggs, but due to PCOS the quality doesn't seem to be there, and we get a good load of them fertilised - and then it all goes wrong :(

    I can't keep faffing about any longer - time to give someone else's eggs a go!

    Fingers crossed for you emu2016 - how is it going abroad? I've always had treatment in the UK and imagine it would be added stress to travel, but would be interested to hear? Xx

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