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No period after failed egg donation

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Hello ladies, I thought I would ask off your support through my journey. After few failed IVF with my own eggs and two miscarriages we decided to embark the route of egg donation. After a mock cycle and lining preparation, they transferred a very good quality embryo in August which unfortunately didn’t implant, I got my period on 25th August. Now I need to wait for my next period to prepare for FET but despite strong premenstrual symptoms since a week now no sign yet of period, which should have arrived 3 days ago. I’ve always had a very regular period but now something seems to be going wrong. I’m really starting to lose hope, everything seems going wrong with me, did anyone had a similar experience of a delayed/absent period after failed egg donor cycle? Thank you in advance for your support.

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Hun you will probably find because you want your period to come that's the reason why it's late. My period is so regular but everytime treatment comes up, my periods always seem to be late and just goes crazy all over the show. Even my clinic says the vast majority of women waiting or wanting their period to come it goes awol around treatment time! I wouldn't worry it will come (mine was 3 weeks late waiting for my first cycle!) I wish you all the best with your upcoming FET xxx

Mine was late the month after the withdrawal bleed after each egg collection/failed ivf but not egg donor. I think the hormones just mess with you!

I agree with the others. It will come. Good luck with your next round xxx

Hello, sorry to hear about your bfn, this really is such a hard journey but glad you are looking onwards to your next fet. After our first failed fet, also using donor eggs, my cycle was 34 days long sometimes the super linings we build up along with the hormone tablets we take can really mess with our cycles, I too was regular before this and now I've just had a 26 day cycle before that another 34 day one! Don't worry it will come. All the very best to you xxx

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clarecare80 in reply to Abaco

Thank you Abaco for sharing this. I started having pre menstrual cramps and everything about a week ago.. I was on a high dose of estrogen due to my lining not being thick enough. I hate what I’m doing to my body really ... obviously delays are affecting next steps and patience is starting to get thin.. good luck to you too xx

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Abaco in reply to clarecare80

I can really sympathise with you, I have been in your position and truly know how it feels. I'd cry myself to sleep wishing my cycle would start but it did in the end. I too was on a high dose of Estrogen, patches, pessaries the lot they play absolute havoc with your body. My fingers are crossed that your cycle will start soon xxx

Mine is late too😣 for the first time after a failed FET. Not stressing too much yet but it's getting annoying as I can't move on to my next cycles. I've failed treatments many times but this is the first period that it's cocked up. I'm now on day 41 and my cycles is usually 29 days. We may just have to be patient. DianeArnold do you have any advice? Anything we can do?xx

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Cinderella5

Hi. All down to messing with hormones I think. Often the period after any cycle can be delayed, so nothing abnormal at the moment. Hope all soon returns to what is normal for you. Diane

Good to know Diane! Was starting to think I've gone through the menopause....daft I know!!😂xz

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Cinderella5

Oh bless you, I doubt that very much. xx

Thank you Cinderella for sharing your story. I’m having regular acupuncture sections which I hope will help regulate my cicle. I’m also considering counselling as a big part is played by the mind and the journey sometimes gets really hard. All the best to you xx

It can take time after treatment for your hormones to settle back to what is a normal level for you. You may have ovulated later on in your cycle which would in turn delay your af. Three days isn’t too much of a concern. If you haven’t had a bleed in a week or so then maybe consult your clinic or gp. Good luck. I hope she’s here soon xx

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