We have a plan! Egg donation

Hey everyone :) we went back to the clinic today to meet with our consultant. He confirmed that egg donation would give us our best and most realistic chance of getting pregnant. While it has taken some time for me to get my head around this, I am there now and so glad he agreed with me. We now have to meet with the egg donation nurse and have a counselling appointment, but he looked at the appointments for us and they had cancellations for both, tomorrow! So we go back in the morning and hopefully start the ball rolling. Im lucky to have an understanding boss so managed to get the day off at short notice. Scared about starting and getting my hopes up again, but pleased to have a plan and feel like we are moving forwards again. He said the wait was around 3 months at the moment, fingers crossed t goes fast.

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  • It all sounds incredibly positive and you sound happy with your decision! All the best for tomorrow and I hope that whatever you decide that it all works out xxxx

  • Thank you Dolly! Xxx

  • Great news pinky, that's my plan too. Consultation on Sat and then hopefully full steam ahead.

    Wishing you the very best of luck xx

  • Oh good luck to you too! I hope you don't have long to wait xxx

  • Great news and appointments tomorrow even better. We are on the DE journey aswell xx

  • Thanks Button. Are you waiting to be matched?xx

  • I am on my 2ww of my 2nd try with DE. First go I had a blastocyst transfer and sadly it was a bfn, this time I have had two Frosties blastocyst transferred my test day is next week xx

  • Best of luck, fingers crossed for you!xx

  • Really pleased you've got a plan of action in place. Hope it works out for you. x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Congratulations Pinky. We got our DE BFP last week. xx

  • I know, so pleased for you xx I can't wrap my head around thinking that there could be a lady walking round this evening waiting to start her ivf and I could be cooking her eggs in a few weeks! It's amazing but mad at the same time xx

  • I had the same feeling while I was doing my injections! Was there really a woman doing the same as me? For the chance for me to be a mum? Wow! x

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