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Egg donation: Scotland

Hello everyone,

On Wednesday I am going to visit my consultant to discuss egg donation. My husband and I have unexplained fertility and due to my son (from a previous relationship) living with us we need to pay for IVF.

The cost is going to be nearly £4K for one cycle so decided to try clomid and save without getting into debt. However, me being me can't help but research into options.

I then stumbled over the self-funding sheet which states that IVF with egg donation will only cost £900. After thinking long and hard I am going to see my consultant.

If I can help another lady achieve her dream along with myself........that would be a true miracle.

So after all of the above 😬 What do you guys think? Any ladies waiting for a egg donor or have already donated eggs??

Happy first day of Spring xxxxxx

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Hi there,

My hubby and I suffered secondary infertility for various reasons and the only way we could really afford fertility treatment was for me to be an egg donor so I know where you are in journey right now. I went to a private London clinic and as a potential donor my screening was free and treatment/drugs were free too. It is quick too as its private, my screening tests started June and we were cleared and matched to a recipient by July starting our cycle just a few weeks after. We paid £800/£900 for ICSI for hubby's sperm issues and nothing else until our amazing BFP!!!!!! then we paid for scans and some meds after becoming pregnant as I had some early bleeding. We shared 20 eggs so 10 for me and 10 for my recipient, and that was the hardest bit- egg collection was tough as I was at risk of OHSS being slightly polycystic.

So do have a few hundred quid stashed in case of a BFP, but every clinic is different and London is expensive. I'd ask the question early if budget is tight and what's included if you get your BFP.

I chose not to find out if my recipient fell pregnant but you will be counselled through your options and as there is such a shortage of donors you really are giving another lady a shot at being a mum. It is a journey so good luck and hope it is a smooth one!! I was convinced it was the right choice for us!!



Thank you for replying your story had made me smile. We are having to "self-fund" through the NHS due to my son living at home. This means that if we are lucky enough to fall pregnant we will be cared for under the NHS. Total cost will be £900.

If this journey so far has taugh me anything is that it is hard for us all. If I can help another couple at the same time as ourselves then I am going to do it.

Thank you again for replying.



Yes it has been one of the toughest things we have had to do as a couple, and ultimately that treatment was peppered with anxiety with the drugs/process and wondering after it all would it work for us. I went in with the mindset that it was an investment for something we both wanted and if it didn't work we could save up and do it again when we were ready and a positive outcome was a bonus. Initially, I thought it was something with me, then when I was given the all clear, we started looking Hubby and all wasn't so good there. We just thought as we had fallen so easily last time it should happen again over time. It didn't...We had the whole GP thing say relax and it will happen...mmmm! So knowing our only real option was to have treatment which we couldn't afford, I like you researched and found out about egg donation and the clinics that offer it where we are. I was happy to do it and share my eggs, especially as it meant giving another couple hope like we had found in the process. Good luck and I hope you get cleared/screened and matched ASAP so you start the treatment phase. Xx

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We used donor eggs for our 3rd round of ICSI, it cost us a lot more than rounds with my eggs that's why the clinic can donors such good rates. Unfortunately it didn't result in a BFN.

If you meet the criteria to be a donor it would give you and your hubby another option to get your BFP, plus you could help someone else.


We used a donor egg and without it our beautiful 5 week old daughter would not be here with us today. I say go for it, donating your eggs is truly selfless thing to do and I thank our egg donor (whoever she is) so much.

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What an amazing story thank you for sharing. I am going to do it my appointments tomorrow.xxx


I have signed all the paper work ready to go but I just have a question if you don't mind answering. My mum has heart disease but all the test I have had over the years have been clear. When you chose your donor did you get told about anything like that? That is the only thing I'm worrying about stopping me being a donor.xx


Good luck, hope everything goes well with appointment and your story ends as happy as ours did xx


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