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Advice please - cycle length after IVF

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Want to hear of other people’s experience. I know it’s normal for IVF to mess with cycles by lengthening them but mine is shorter.

I’ve always had regular cycle 27-29 days. After our first failed IVF (on short protocol), my period after the withdrawal bleed came on time. And continued as expected. Nothing unusual.

Second round I was on the long down regulation protocol. After the transfer my period came exactly 2 weeks after egg retrieval (BFN) So started a bleed March 9. I was expecting my next cycle to start next weekend - around April 6-7. But it’s come today (April 1 - CD24)... unusually short for me.

I’m due to start my FET and take estrogen pills tomorrow now that my period has come... but now I’m getting paranoid that something’s not right. I’m kicking myself for not tracking ovulation since my BFN.

Should I wait another full cycle before the FET? I really don’t want to wait and the consultant earlier this week said I was fine to start on the next cycle . Just full of doubt and paranoia.

Anyone else start an FET this soon after and for a successful result? Anyone else experience a much shorter cycle? Does it mean I didn’t ovulate?

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Hey lovely. I’d say this is completely normal. Guessing you don’t temp chart/track ovulation at all? After my first failed IVF my bleed after my withdrawal bleed was delayed but I ovulated really late in the month (I’m usually 28-30 days - this was a 41 day cycle!) and then I’ve had one since my second failed round that was a 25 day cycle because I ovulated on day 11!!! 😳 Don’t panic. It will be fine. BUT if you will feel better giving your body another month to recover and find it’s balance, then do that. Do what feels right for you. I’ve had 3-4 months off to recoup and recharge and I feel much more ready to start again than I would have done immediately after my last BFN xxx

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Thanks for sharing. I spoke to the nurse today and she didn't seem concerned at all with the early period. I used to track before we started IVF but I figured that now there's no point. I want to try again right away so I'm happy to start. I suppose why wait for my cycle to go back to 'normal' when the pills are just going to put it out of whack again.... after speaking to the nurse, I'm feeling better.

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Good for you lovely! Hope it goes well x

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Loopielu in reply to abcgirl

Ps - tracking is good while doing IVF as it will still confirm temp rises and drops like a normal cycle. So in your 2ww it will still show a drop or a maintained temp xx

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