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Cycle after failed IVF

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Hi, we had a failed round of IVF which ended in late September and my period arrived a few weeks later as expected. That cycle showed that there’s a problem with fertilisation (no fertilisation even though 11 eggs collected) and we were told it was very likely we would never conceive naturally (although our consultant said “never say never” and to keep trying). My period is 9 days late and I’m wondering if the IVF cycle has just completely messed up all my hormones. It doesn’t feel like it’s comung any time soon and even though I know it’s almost impossible that I’m pregnant it’s beginning to mess with my mind. Has anyone else had a much longer cycle after a failed IVF cycle?

15 Replies
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Yes ivf definitely played with my cycle. After my failed round my period came as normal but then the next one was a few days late.

Is there a chance you are pregnant? I've heard of people saying ivf reset their cycle. Are you a bit nervous to do a test? Maybe just do one so you can clear your mind. Best of luck.

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lmno in reply to Kempton

Pretty sure it’s on it’s way today or tomorrow now. Was determined not to get my hopes up as I needed a few months off the emotional rollercoaster before we start our next round in Jan (ICSI this time). I wish the clinic told me this could happen - I actually specifically asked about what the impact of IVF would be on my next cycle and our consultant said “everything will just go back to normal immediately”

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Sunrises in reply to lmno

We had ICSI after 3 failed IVF attempts and 1 miscarry, now we have beautiful twins. Wishing you all the luck in the world

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Hi, sorry to hear your story. Unfortunately it is similar to ours. my cycles as a result of a fresh and frozen drugs runs are all to hell in a handcart. I’m late, irregular and really heavy, with cramps, tears and rage every (now) 28 days! Prior to treatment I was set every 26 days, 3 days on, light as you like with no other pms symptoms. Just got to roll with the punches, it’s just a shame they don’t seem to be stopping!

Take care,

Mrs S x

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lmno in reply to Mrsshaker1

Sorry to hear that - I can definitely relate to the feeling that the punches keep coming - the pain of this process is pretty relentless. Take care too x

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Sorry to hear of your failed cycle, it well and truly sucks when it fails...

I had my first fresh cycle in Feb which failed and I was 10 days late the following cycle, it drove me crazy! I would say definitely take a test to rule that out as you do hear of miricle natural pregnancy’s following a failed cycle but if it’s negative, it will probably be your hormones taking a while to adjust.. So sorry your going through this and I hope it all resolves itself soon..

Take care

Jen xx

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lmno in reply to Jenjen84

Thanks and sorry to hear about your failed cycle too. I’m pretty sure my period is on it’s way today or tomorrow. I didn’t want to go through the process of testing as it’s just too emotionally exhausting to hope at the moment. I wanted a break for a few months from having to think about it so feel a bit mad that my period is now 11 days late and my clinic told me my cycle would immediately go back to normal.

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Yes most definitely. My normal cycle was somewhere between 24-34 days but most often about 30 days pre IVF and my first cycle post IVF was 45 days so it definitely messed everything up for me. I always think they should warn you about that so we’re not freaking out. Hope your period arrives soon.

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lmno in reply to rachherlihy

I couldn’t agree more! There seems so many things that you have to just figure out for yourself that they could save you from worrying about with a bit more information!

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Hi I am going through exactly the same thing, I am due on tomorrow for my first proper period after my failed cycle bleed and no sign at all ... normally I know about five days in advance.. so know I am going to be late but also pretty sure it’s impossible that I am pregnant

I wish someone had warned me at the clinic - they told me all would be normal

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lmno in reply to Daisy1245

Me too - it makes me really mad! It’s a hard enough process without having to wonder what’s going on with missing periods. Think mine is finally on its way - hope yours arrives soon x

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Ive had two longer cycles after my failed FET recently. Its the first time in over 2 years of treatment that this has happened. I guess there is always a chance of a positive if you've been BD. I eventually had to test as I was 2 weeks late and I was just annoyed at myself for thinking that I could be pregnant even although I know the chances were slim! Ha ha ha xx

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lmno in reply to Cinderella5

Yeah totally it messes with your head. Such a cruel process this whole thing sometimes

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I’m very sorry to hear about your failed round of IVF. Unfortunately it might take a month or two for things to settle down into a regular cycle for you. All those hormones you’ve taken, not to mention the emotional stress are bound to have taken their toll xx

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Hi I amín the samé boat here and scanning for answers and holding on to a straws of hope as we had failed transfer and bfn on 29 th December., period on 31 St till 5 th Jan and BD'd like crazy every 2nd day in my ovulation period.... Now I am 8 days late. Lots of wetness down there and no period..... Drives me around the bend... I wonder if there are any ladies that had same and ended up with the BFP?My clinic said I should have had normal cycle now... Go figure... I am on PTU and awaiting endocrinology app though....

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