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Period after IVF Cycle


So I had my beta from my first IVF cycle on Friday which was negative and had my last cyclogest pessary that morning. I started spotting Saturday evening and then full flow on Sunday. This has honestly been my worst ever period, the cramps have been awful, I’ve been pretty much in bed the last two days and now I’ve started passing large clots too (I pass clots normally but never so many bigger ones). Is this normal after an IVF cycle? I usually only bleed for 2-3 days and was expecting this to be a bit longer due to building up the lining in IVF but wasn’t expecting the pain and clots.

You get a negative which is sad and this hit 😂 like it’s trying to totally finish me off!

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It's completely normal don't worry. I had a chemical last month and after stopping medication bled a few days later, it was the worst period I've ever had lots of clots and lots of pain! Also lasted 10 days, so don't worry what your experiencing is normal. I can totally sympathise with you on this, having to get that awful result back and then dealing with this! Take care of yourself X

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Thanks Abaco. Glad to know this is ‘normal’ post fertility treatment. I will also make sure for my next cycle I’ve arranged a few days after my test off so if I’m doing this again I’m not worrying about trying to go to work. Luckily this time I worked Saturday and Sunday before the worst hit and now have a few days off 😊.xx

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Glad you now have a few days off, just what you need, thinking of you x

My cramps were pretty bad after my failure too. I think the fact that the drugs give you an extra thick lining doesnt help with clots. Its not very nice, I can honestly say I felt like cr*p, as you say....just to top it off!! Hugs.xx

Thanks Cinderella. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m sorry you had to go through it too.xx

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