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First cycle after failed IVF -advice needed


Hi all,

My cycle is due on Sunday, however I spotted yesterday and thought, yay I can start my next ivf cycle. However that’s all I had. Today I had some more spotting first thing, but nothing since. Has anyone else had this happen and did a full bleed arrive and you were able to start your next ivf cycle?

I’m worried this month might not be a real cycle and I don’t want to start meds and waste chances...

Thanks in advance😊

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Hi, sorry I can’t be of much help but I’m also waiting for my period after failed cycle and withdrawal bleed. I not sure to start next cycle for a few weeks but this is the first time my period has been so delayed coming back. I wondered if this was common? I guess you could ask your clinic? Xx

Sarah83ap in reply to gemmy999

Thanks Gemma. Yes I contacted the clinic. They just said to wait and see over next few days if I get a full bleed. I think I’ll wait and if it’s not as o think it should be I’ll hold off until next month. X


Hi Sarah. I realise how annoying this must be for you, but you must contact your clinic for their advice. It could well be that you will have to skip this month, I don't know. Hopefully your cycle is just being a bit awkward and it will start. Obviously, I hope all ges ahead. Diane

Thanks Diane

Yes I contacted the clinic l. They didn’t really say much other than let’s wait and see if I get a full bleed over next few days. If I don’t feel it’s a proper bleed I’ll wait till next month just incase.


DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Sarah83ap

Hi Sarah. That's the best idea, just wait and see. Horrible if you can't start, but you've got to get it right. Good luck! Diane

It’s a full bleed that you can start the meds on. I was the same, but don’t start them on spotting. Generally I get spotting, then it stops , then a week later a full bleed.

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