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Hi all, hope your having a good Easter weekend.

I am in the process of FET and embryo transfer is expected for Thursday, I am on the long protocol and have been on buserelin for about 26days and patches for over a week. My period is due on Wednesday and last cycle I was two days early as my FET is hopefully on Thursday would I expect my period. I am guessing no but not sure. Can anyone help?

Thanks xx

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You shouldn’t bleed before transfer because of the drugs. Good luck xx


Thank you Tugsgirl. Good luck to you too xx

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If you were to get your period then et would not be able to take place as there would not be a thick enough lining. Don’t worry about this though, the drugs will keep everything shipshape for your little embie. That’s what they are there for. Good luck for Thursday. X

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Hi Lizzielizzlizzie, thanks for this.

Hope you’re having a great Easter. X


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