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Cramps FET natural cycle


Hi everyone, I had my FET on Friday, all went well and to be honest I’m just so happy and relieved and am in a good place with it.

Its day 3 after FET and I have some slight cramping, more like little twinges really right in the centre of my tummy. It’s a little early for my period and doesn’t feel quite as dull as my pre-period ache, plus I’m on no medication so can’t attribute anything to that so just wondered if anyone had experienced that before? I wondered if maybe it was from the procedure, some inflammation or something from the transfer?

Thanks everyone x

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Hi Lisa,

Congratulations on your transfer! Cramps on day 3 could well be implantation happening or the procedure. It’s so hard to know but it’s good to know it’s not the meds so that’s one thing to rule out!

You’ll be aware of every niggle now 🙈listen to the mindful IVF app, TWW section to help relax you.

Sending lots of luck. Xx

Thank you! IT's so reassuring to just hear from women who have been there, makes you feel less alone in all of this. And thanks for reminding me to use my app, I'd stopped for the last few days and it really helps me so I'll pick it back up today. xx

Yes definitely! I had cramps until day 5 and got my positive on Friday 🥰 so I really hope it’s the same for you. I was on meds so just wasn’t sure what was what but when the cramps stopped I thought if it was meds surely I’d still have think positive. I think you read the book Going Solo? In it the dr suggests to picture yourself pregnant as a positive thought ☺️


Thank you, it's really been helpful to me hearing from people on here. I was doing well mentally but of course the slightest little thing can set you off. I haven't read Going Solo, but now you have mentioned it I have ordered it on Amazon! :-) Thank you x

Oh definitely!

Ah ok well yes it’s a great book! The author is a journalist so has a lot of facts in also. Hope you enjoy it ☺️xxx

I cramped the whole two weeks and I'm 6 weeks pregnant. If the cramps are in the middle of your lower stomach it sounds like it's your uterus and like implantation cramps 😬

Thank you, and huge congratulations!! x

I had cramps the whole time pretty much ... see it as a good thing 😉 xxx

Thank you, it's very reassuring to know at least that I am not alone. x

Hi how you getting on I had a transfer Wednesday! Have you managed to hold of testing ? I have so far ... it’s so hard though isn’t it ! Ahhhhh x

LisaBeatrix1980 in reply to kc21

Hi!!! I am ok thanks, it's so hard isn't, I keep telling myself to try and not think about it constantly, which is impossible :-) Yes I've held off testing, I had a look yesterday and I am not due to test until 7th and me period is due the 6th so i think I'll have a good idea by this weekend either way. When's your test day? How are you feeling generally? GOOD LUCK! xx

I had cramps around day 3-5 after my FET so it could well be implantation! I transferred 2 embryos and I’m now 23 weeks pregnant! Wishing you lots of luck xxx

Thank you! I had 2 blastocysts go in too, I am doing my best to keep them safe in there. Huge comgratulations, that's really wonderful. xx

Everything crossed for you!! One of my mine stuck xx

It’s on Saturday. Period is Wednesday! I had twins 2 and half years ago and I had no symptoms to start with ! This time not really much a bit sicky but prob all the drugs I’m on this time round ha ! I may try and hold out until Wednesday! I tested 3 days early last time and had a faint bfp but then I had twins so the hcg level would have been high. This time only one embryo so prob a bit silly to test early

LisaBeatrix1980 in reply to kc21

Wow twins, that's amazing well done you! Hang in there, I know it's easier said than done to not test but at least if you can hold out until Wednesday that would be better ;-) I'm not sure I'll make it until Tuesday x

Ha yes they are 2 and half now !! X miracles do happen but I had 2 last time giving off hcg so with 1 prob best to wait as long as possible. Did you have 1 or 2? Any ‘symptoms’?? Xxxx this is the worst but I think

LisaBeatrix1980 in reply to kc21

I had 2 go in, no symptoms at all, just this slight cramping for a day or 2 but seems to be easing off today. It's still early for me I guess, and as I've never been pregnant before I guess I am kind of just expecting no symptoms until they turn up.

Yes I think you're right, this is tough, because I know there is literally nothing I can do but wait, and during lockdown when we can't do much anyway the days are certainly long :-) x

They are ... it’s the over analysing everything ! I really struggle

Hi Lisa cramps may be good sign .

If u don’t mind me asking on what meds r u if u doing natural FET ? Xx

Hi, not at all. No meds, my embryos were frozen back in March and my cycle returned to normal so I Was fortunate to have a natural FET with no medication. Xx

I had my natural frozen cycle last year but didn’t work then this feb I had medicated one. Now I’m siting waiting for a doc to have a endo scratch. We got only one frostie left so we gonna do natural frozen cycle again.

Try not to think and read to much on internet and wishing u BFP. Xx

I hope it’s a good news for you. I will soon start the natural FET too. So I am excited to hear about your news! Good luck😊

Thank you, I’m positive and feeling good so fingers crossed. That’s exciting, good luck! X

How are you today?

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