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progesterone overload

i’ve been on 6x daily utrogestan, 2x daily crinone gel pessaries plus lentogest injections every other day.

i had blood test after ET on thurs & my progesterone was 50 - my clinic like it to be at 100, so since friday i’ve had to add x3 daily cyclogest suppositories - the good old bum bullets.

since adding them to the mix i’ve been experiencing a seriously dodgy tummy (if you know what i mean) i’m having to run to the toilet quite a few times a day, and even during the night!

is this normal?!

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Hi Noodle

I am taking the front utrogestan. Certainly been very windy and yesterday / this morning I was quite bubbly in the toilet department. Hopefully you will settle down as your body adjusts?

Sorry i can't be more help other than the bubbliness seems to have settled but wind still here...



love “bubbliness” - much nicer description! 😝

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Exactly the same happened to me. I was on the same dose and had low progesterone levels so I had to add the cyclogest bum bullets. They also gave me a very dodgy stomach for the first week. I was actually worried to leave the house just in case. I spoke to the nurse and she laughed and said it was normal (helpful!) A week on my stomach has settled. I still get a lot of gurgling and some tummy aches but no where near like that first week. Good luck x


thanks for replying alice - it’s horrible isn’t it?!

how are you doing? where are you up to?

sending love & positive vibes 💕✨


I am doing ok. I’m on day 11 of 2ww so getting closer to my blood test. This is my first round of ivf and if I’ve discovered that the waiting and hoping is far more painful then any of the injections and procedures. I now have endless respect for ivf ladies especially those who do this time and time again.

I hope you get your little miracle xxx


ahhhhh i hope the same for you darling. this journey is unbearable at times, i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

sending big hugs - not long to go xxx


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