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Post egg collection pain

I’m on my first short protocol ICSI cycle, and had egg collection yesterday- we got 11.

I’ve got stage 4 endo and went into the cycle aware of an endometrioma on my Left ovary. Whilst I was prepared for the bloating/ gas/ constipation following egg collection/ starting progesterone which is uncomfortable but manageable, I also have excruciating pain on the left hand side which started about six hours ago. Co codamol isn’t even touching it. Should I just accept that everything’s swollen and it’ll take a few days to settle down, or could it be related to my cyst? I can obviously call the clinic tomorrow, but am worried about getting through the night. Any advice appreciated.

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Hi natmitch. Well first of all you did really well. The pain could of course be due to the endometrioma being a bit upset, or your ovaries still being a bit active. I would carry on with the Co-codamol regularly, and drink plenty of water. No anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen and get off to bed early. Make sure you don’t get constipated. Hope you soon feel more comfortable and good luck with fertilisation. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you. Managed to find some of the super strong painkillers from my last surgery which eventually helped me sleep. Drinking lots- fingers crossed it will start easing.


I have stage 4 endo also and after my egg collection had very bad pain in the left side which is my worst side it will ease after a few days think the endo just get angry lol fingers crossed for your egg transfer Hun I ended up with a beautiful baby girl so the pain is worth it xx


Thank you- I think you’re right. I wish I’d been given more detail about what I could expect pain wise- it’s always easier to deal with when you’re prepared.


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