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Follow up appointment booked

I rang the Hewitt yesterday to book my follow up. How long on average does this take to come through? I'm at the Liverpool women's

Also how long do they recommend to start again?

It's still very early days from our MC and part of me feels like doing it again will be so difficult but the other part of me knows what a child will do to our family and for that reason I don't want to just give up after not being successful.

Does anyone recommend any supplements to help with egg quality? I want to make sure my body is at the very best it can be! I've been taken pre natal vitamins since November 17.

Thanks girls xx

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I did my first two rounds at the Hewitt, and asked my my follow up to be ASAP as I was so upset after the first round, it was booked for 3 weeks later. It can take 4-6 weeks I believe. Also I asked to make sure I got the same consultant as sometimes people got a different consultant for follow up.



Sorry also about egg quality, zita west recommends inositol for egg quality and I also take 600mg ubiquinol xx


Thank you very much Orla

I haven't actually been told my egg quality isn't good but I just feel like I want to do absolutely everything I can on this next round. My partner has cycstic fibrosis so it's his sperm which is at a low mobility (C) but there's not much we can do about this as his sperm had to be taken whilst he was under anesthetic so his sperm is frozen



Mine is booked for 8 weeks after my MC, but I think that’s unusual, as we had to test my HCG to under 5 (which took ages!) & I think my consultant has some holiday booked. I’m not too worried as they like you to have had at least 1 normal cycle before you start again & my period seems to have gone AWOL. Last time I think appt was 3-4 weeks later. I hate all the waiting. I hope you’re ok & that you get your appointment soon xx


Thank you for this.

I'm so sorry for your loss too, it's an awful thing to go through isn't it 😢

I just keep thinking everything happens for a reason and that little poppy seed obviously wasn't meant to be 😢

How are you coping? I think me and my OH are going to go away this weekend for some quality time together xx


Honestly I’m off and on. Some days I’m completely fine and others I’m really upset - starting to impact my performance in work too, which is stressful, as last thing I want is to lose my job on top of everything 😣

Have a lovely weekend away, you deserve to have a fun & relaxing time after all the IVF stresses. Sending you big hugs!


Also forgot to add, Hewitt make you have 3 bleeds to start again - so a failed cycle bleed, or early MC bleed, is classed as bleed one, then another period, then your next period you are allowed to start x


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