Follow up appointment in a week !

Feeling a bit low today , even had to come home from work!! After 8 years of trying for a baby , we have just had a failed icsi cycle back in December :( feeling quite nervous about follow up appointment next week but excited that it is closer to trying our second go ! It is our last go as we can not afford to go private so my fingers will be crossed for the whole cycle :) any tips on how to pull myself out of this mood I have, I just want to cry all the time ! I know maybe I am just worrying to much about stuff, everytime I see a baby I want to cry, every time someone tells me they are pregnant I want to cry and every time I get my monthlys I do cry .

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  • Try not to cry they say it affect s your hormonas and well being try to stay positive will it on you will find ypur body relaxing ansand it may take to implant better they say happy mum happy tum maybe distract yr self whlst you wait go for a walk to clear yr head and think of all the positives xxx were here for you always xxxx stay strong

  • Thank you jolly :) feeling a bit better today, good days and bad x

  • Oh Anghun, I completely know how you feel. I just had a failed cycle last month and can’t seem to pull myself together. All it takes is someone asking if I’m alright and I’m off, I had a meltdown at work last week and had to go home too. It’s really tough especially as two of my sisters in law are both expecting, so we’ve been pulling away from family.

    I don’t think I can offer much advice but we are planning a holiday to try to get some perspective and some relaxation. Also planning some home improvements to try to get some distraction so I don’t dwell on how I’m feeling. The only way I can cope is to try to stay busy and have other things to focus on. But like I said I’m not coping very well myself so I’m not the best person to advise!

    A few friends have suggested I get some counselling but I’m not sure if I want to do this. Have you considered it?

    Wish you the best of luck with your next cycle xxx

  • Hi vickal , I am not sure on the counselling either , it is something to think about I suppose - if anything helps then maybe it would be a good idea! My family members are also having babies and I am so happy for them but at the same time it is like a slap in the face after trying soooooooo long ! Thank you for your reply it is nice to have people there who understand what you are going through , because all I hear is people saying it will happen for you and to stay positive but some days are really hard :( x

  • Hello Anghun/Vickal

    I just wanted to add that I understand how you both feel. Although we've not had our first round of IVF yet (we have our first appointment this month) hearing other people are pregnant, seeing pregnant ladies, ladies with prams and getting my period are all difficult. My sister-in-law had a baby last year. Pregnant after the first month of trying (aargh!). She couldn't understand why I found the news difficult at all (and unfortunately it's really put a strain on our relationship.)

    But, what I really want to say is that I went for counselling last year. I found it incredibly beneficial. Don't get me wrong I still have bad days but they are less frequent (before it was a struggle not to cry on a daily basis!). I feel much calmer and much more relaxed. Emotionally I think I'm in a much better place to start IVF and, although there are absolutely no guarantees, I do feel like having gone through counselling I have done all I can to prepare.

    That's just my experience and I know it's not right for everyone but what I would say is that you absolutely have nothing to lose by giving counselling a try.

    Take care and good luck to you both x x x

  • Thank you hopeful :) I think it is something to think about the counselling and if is always good to hear other peoples experiences :)

  • Hey Hun I'm sorry to hear u had a failed cycle x I too had a failed cycle last yr and am having my second cycle next month x this time I am having ICSI and am still worried it's not goin to work x do u mind me asking why it didn't work for u x did u manage to get to the stage or having the embryo transfer? I'm worried I'm not gonna get to that stage again as I didn't last time :( xxx keep ur head up their is still time xxx

  • Hi sunny , so we had icsi because my husband has low sperm , no probs with me that we are aware of! Never taken drugs or had any sort of operation but everything went really smoothly for us , no problems with the drugs and my body responded really well for a first cycle ! When we got to egg collection I was very very sick afterwards for a couple of days but was fine by egg transfer! We had 14 eggs , 1 not mature enough and 12 fertilized but by the time we had egg transfer which was 3 days after egg collection the embroyologist said there was only one just okay one so this was a bit of a shock as I said 12 fertilized eggs to just on OKAY one was not good but we are not sure what could of gone wrong and are waiting for more sort of answers in a week at our follow up appointment x

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