Appointment booked up :):):)

Hi ladies how is everyone :) Hope you're all good X

I know some of my posts have been very whiny. But today I have got some brilliant news :) I received a letter from my doctors surgery and it confirmed a referral (for my submucosal fibroid and ovarian cyst) and it gave me a choice of 3 clinics. Because of waiting times (nhs offering July as the nearest appointment) I've decided to go to a private hospital that treats nhs patients :) Booked appointment Monday 18th May can't wait :) :) :) Just to say sometimes it does pay to fight your corner when you know you're right and not be pushed around by anyone be it gps whatever lol!! Keep fighting ladies it can be a long drawn out battle but we can and will get through it :) :) :) Xx

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  • Great news, the 18th July will be here before you know it! xx

  • Thanks Vickal how are you? I meant to put 18th May I'm a muppet! X

  • Even better :-) x

  • That's brilliant news!! I am so pleased for you! Finally you get somewhere!! I absolutely agree with fighting your corner we had to do the same and eventually got somewhere!! It will be worth it!! Will keep my fingers crossed for you on the 18th of May!! :-) Hope everything goes ok! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Emma hope the pregnancy is going well :) Its annoying you have to be like that to get somewhere.It is a case of he who shouts louder gets listened to sadly.... I'll keep you posted and let you know how I get on X

  • Thanks Jess!! It is going well thank you, first scan next Wednesday and I am getting nervous for everything to be ok... :-)

    Yes please keep me posted!! Keeping everything crossed x

  • Good luck with your scan ekk how exciting :) I'm sure it'll be fine can understand your nerves tho I'd be the same X

  • Well done Jess, that's not long to wait in the scheme of things! Hope it all goes well. Keep us posted x

  • Thanks hopeful1982 it's not at all well within sight :) I can't believe how lucky I was to get an appointment that quickly :) Got a glass of well deserved wine in my hand toasting it (not trying till I get this sorted) Enjoying a good day with good news :) Makes a nice change!

    How's everything with you? X

  • A (large) glass of wine is well deserved! Cheers! 🍷

  • Excellent Jess. Big smiles for you 😆😆😆👍👍👍

  • Thanks magzz I'm so happy it's a relief to be moving forward :)

    Good news about your partners sperm hope you don't think I'm nosy. You must be so relieved. Means you will be able to have clomid and try naturally for 6 months and may not even need ivf. Keep my fingers crossed for you clomid does the trick ;) Good luck with your appointment hope it goes well. It is a wonderful feeling to get that ball rolling and to feel like you're doing something to help it happen :) Let me know your appointment goes :)

    One of the things that made it hard for us was ours was unexplained so we advised trying or ivf there was no middle ground. I'm hoping the fibroid was the reason and if it was they remove it and would amazing to fall naturally. Even after nearly 4 years I refuse to let go of all hope. We are nothing without hope :) X

  • Hi Jess

    Hope you dont mind me reading yr posts. I noticed you had commented on magzz and wanted to say how supportive and understanding u r to other people going through infertility issues like yrself. im glad it sounds as if things are eventually moving in the right direction. Its so sad how we need to fight in situations as stressfull and upsetting as these. Good luck for next appointment.

  • Not at all Hun! Thank you :) We are all here for each other through good days and the bad. And who better to understand it than those going through this battle. Friends and family try but unless going through this you cannot imagine the impact it has on your life.This site has really made a big difference to me I no longer feel alone :)

    It is so awful we have to fight like this but I've no doubt at all our babies are worth fighting for :)

    How are you? I hope things are going well with you X

  • Hi Jess

    Thanks for replying. U hit the nail right on the head in regards to how friends and family are towards me. Bless them I know they mean well but u definately dont get what impact infertility problems have unless dealing with it personally. My fertility clinic mentioned this site and forum and im so glad they did. Definately dont feel alone and also dont feel judged about what im writing.

    Had first clinic appointment tues so now got to wait to see what hubbys sperm results come back as. Basically either gonna be going down the clomid route or more ivf icis way. Ive also been researching tonight and found some really gd websites giving info on how diet and lifestyle can effect pcos so something to focus on for now.

  • This site is a great way of releasing your feelings without fear of judgement :) Above all to realize your feelings are normal coz I used to feel like I was going mad lol! Well... ;)

    I hope your hubby's sperm results are good so you can try before going down the ivf route I'll keep my fingers crossed :) But if it isn't don't worry coz Icsi is really good and many men are able to dads that wouldn't have been if it wasn't for Icsi :) When do you get his results back? There's always something to wait for with infertility! Such a waiting game a long one at that! But wot you're doing researching diets and lifestyle is a positive and I'm sure make a big difference :) It can't hurt can it?

    Pm me anytime you need a chat Hun I know how hard this can be been ttc for nearly 4 years X

  • That's good news, I got my fibroids done at a private clinic through the NHS as NHS waiting lists were too long. Not long to wait so that's good.

  • Thank you Pm27. I was lucky I had that choice it's cut 2 months off my waiting time :) Very happy about that. I hope that things are going well with you X

  • I'm doing a bit better this week. I'm getting my head round the idea of DE. Whilst I'd prefer baby to be biologically mine DE gives us a much better chance of having our much wanted child. I've started some counselling so hopefully that will help with this journey.

  • That must have really tough call to make that decision. I can understand the want of having a child that's biologically yours.But I'm sure if the de worked I'm sure it would feel like your baby. You will be the one carrying the child and giving birth :) I like to think there's more to being a parent than just a egg or sperm its about being there for that child :) You'll make a great mum and that child be very lucky be very loved and wanted :)

    The counseling will help you decide if it's right decision for you both :) Only you both knows what's right for you and follow your heart. Wishing you the very best with your journey X

  • Great news Jess. Good luck x

  • Thanks dee22 it's lovely to feel progress is being made :) Hope things are good with you X

  • Great news my lovely! As you say worth being strong with them! So many of us get fobbed off or 'lost in the system'

    Hope it all goes smoothly. Another step closer xx

  • Thank you hope23 feel like I'm getting somewhere :) One less fight ;) I'm strong believer in following your gut instincts and having faith we know our bodies better than a Dr ;) Hope you're feeling a bit better :) X

  • Very good news Hun. Time will fly! Xxxx

  • Thank you Hun :) I am so happy I had the option of going to that private hospital as an nhs patient and cutting 2 months off my waiting time :)

    Hope your 2ww flies by too :) X

  • Excellent news Jess!!! So happy for you xx

  • Thanks missav def feel like I'm getting somewhere at last :p ! Be nice to get this sorted out and start trying or ivf !

    How are you? Hope the ivf cycle stuff is going well :) X

  • Oh of course! Am so pleased for you, one step closer.

    Yeah, I'm OK thank you. Am on the pill now until at least the middle of May and then just waiting for the call to say I can start my injections. Am not looking forward to the pessaries at all tho :-( but just focusing on the final outcome.

    Keep me posted xxxx

  • Great news and not long to wait xx

  • Thanks clairol another step closer :) Hope that all is well with you X

  • I'm fine thank you. Still finding it hard to believe I am actually pregnant after all this time. I'm not having a scan until 22nd of may!!!!.

    I will be nine weeks by then xx

  • Wow that's amazing news congratulations Hun :D Wishing you a healthy And happy pregnancy. Ekk how exciting not long till your scan that'll soon fly by! X

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