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Period pains during 2ww!!

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I had my transfer 8 days ago and have had constant AF symptoms through out. Lower back pains are the worst. I am on constant knicker watch it’s driving me crazy 😫 Feeling so down and depressed it’s all over. This is my first FET. My first cycle non of the 4 eggs collected fertilised and second was cancelled due to a polyp. I was really hoping this would be my 3rd time lucky.

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Ah hang in there! The 2ww sure is a challenge. Wishing you lots of positive vibes 💕 xx

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BinitaP in reply to Lou7744

Thank you xx

You’re doing really well. Keep it up. I know it’s worrying xx

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BinitaP in reply to Tugsgirl

Feels like the hardest 2ww of my life x

Stay positive, 3rd time lucky. I hope you get good news x

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BinitaP in reply to cryst4l

I’m trying so hard to stay positive but in my heart just feel like this is the end xx

I think the progesterone can give you period style cramping so don't give up hope while you're still not bleeding xxx

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BinitaP in reply to Scarlett13

I’m due on Thursday, these pains feel exactly the same to AF iv even started to come out in spots. Just praying this isn’t the end xx

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Scarlett13 in reply to BinitaP

I'm hoping and praying for you too xxx

Hun I had period pain and was sure my period was coming when I got a positive test- I miscarried later. My sister also had no symptoms and got a positive test and had my niece 😊

Pregnancy symptoms vs pms are impossible to tell apart as they are the same! Another cruel joke in this process 🙄 pregnancy symptoms don’t come till after the missed period.

Good luck really hope it’s your time xoxo

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BinitaP in reply to

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

This really does take it out of you, I have so many mixed emotions.

I really do hope it’s my time, thank you for the kind words. I wish you all the best xx

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