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Period type pains in 2WW


Hi everyone . I am 7 days post ET . I had one hatching blast transferred last Sunday . I felt positive at the start of the week as the embryo seemed better quality than last time . At the start I had period type pains on and off . Woke up this morning feeling like AF is about to arrive . Anyone else experience this and go on to get a BFP ? Starting to lose hope x x x baby dust to everyone xx

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I had period type pains on and off and during the 2WW and went on to have BFP and I’m now 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant xx

Aww thank you . I’m just on a downer today x x x

That’s understandable after everything you have been through so far xx

I had same and got my bfp but I’m not sure symptoms are really readable I don’t think. Wishing you lots of luck - not too long to go now though it will feel like forever! Xxx

How you getting along ? I remember you getting your BFP on my first icsi attempt . Hope you are ok xx it does feel like forever ! It’s Friday I can test but I’m just worried the period will arrive before then . Such a stress especially if I’m in work xxx

I’m good thank you. We had our 12 week scan last week so that was reassuring.

Can you take a couple of days off or just go off sick if that happens and take a cab home? I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and hope that’s not necessary. Really hope you get your bfp this time xxx

Yeah work have been really really good with me so they would probably send me home . It’s just the thought of it not working again 😩

So happy for you though ! 12 weeks . I am sure you feel better after your 12 week scan . Exciting time ahead ! Xx

Hi, I’ve had period type cramps since my transfer on Monday! Just keeping everything crossed x

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Good luck ! It’s the longest wait ever isn’t it x x x

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It really is! Good luck to you too x

Hi Lolepops, how are you getting on in your 2WW? Have you reached OTD yet? Im having the same problem, had period pains every day but today they are much 'heavier' if that makes sense... Beginning to lose hope :( xx

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