Help? 2WW pains!

So exactly the same as what I had in our last cycle, where we lost the pregnancy early, i have this pressure in my bladder, a constant deep ache, no stinging or funny smell (I am weeing lots but that's because I'm drinking a lot). I went to the gp friday and he said I didn't have an infection but that he'd give me antibiotics anyway. He said there was no such thing as a safe antibiotic for pregnant women but this was the safest he could give me. He didn't instil me with much confidence to be honest. And when i got home I looked at the packet and it said do not take if you're pregnant. So I didn't take them. I assumed maybe its cystitis? I've had experience with both that and UTIs in the past but I thought as long as I didn't have an infection I could just drink lots and see if my body got rid of it itself. Today it's right there still. This deep pressure on my bladder. I rang my clinic and they basically said if its not an infection wait and see if it gets worse then go to my GP. But I don't trust the emergency GP and the next appointment day for one I do trust is 13th!

Im just going crazy here worrying. I had this pressure last time and the doctor prescribed me 'safe' antibiotics for a potential urine infection as my urine test didn't show it but he didn't want to take a chance apparently. But last time we lost the pregnancy literally a week later so I cant help but think if I take it the same thing will happen, but if I don't, what if its something that will hurt it?

I used to have interstitial cystitis so maybe that's flared up again? If so could that hurt the babies if they're in there?

Has anyone else had this weird pressure in their bladder? I feel like I'm going crazy and no one can help me. My test day is Thursday :( help please? I feel like the gp and the clinic are just passing the buck to each other.

I've read that HC and increased blood flow can mess with your bladder/urinary tract even in very early pregnancy do you think that could be it? Anyone with any kind of experience would be great :( I'm lost. I don't want to take antiobiotics but I'm scared of messing this up too.

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  • Hello kittyk i would not take them if the packet said dont take if pregnant. However have you tried some fresh cranberry juice or fresh cranberries which help with urine infection or bladdar infection just make ssure u confirm with gp or pharmacy before eating those. X

  • I'm definitely not taking them. Like I said I'm sure the antiobiotics I took during my last cycle was what made us lose the pregnancy, don't care what the doctor said. I've been drinking cranberry juice for a week or so, as I dreaded getting this very feeling. I've decided that since it's not an infection I'm just going to tough it out and drink lots. Medicine didn't help last time so I can only hope my body will sort itself out this time. Thank you for your advice xxx

  • I would suggest vitamin c & cranberry tabs.Also I suffer from interstitial cystitis caused by low Vit b12.Ask your dr to check active b12 as serum is useless ( inaccurate)folate,ferritin,iron,Vit d .Low vitamin b12 can cause recurrent miscarriages,depression,anxiety,bowel disorders & many other conditions unbeknown to Drs.Check for life hanging facts.

  • I'm drinking cranberry juice as I'm really reluctant to put any tablets in my body. Hoping that helps. Thank you for your insight. Xx

  • Hi KittyK. Sorry to hear all of this, but make sure you continue to drink plenty of water too, and hopefully with the antibiotics, everything will soon settle back down. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you Diane. Since he said he didn't think it was an infection and he prescribed me drugs both the box and the pharmacist said do not take when pregnant I'm just going to drink lots of water and cranberry juice and endure and hope that's the right choice. I had this feeling last time and I took the antiobiotics they gave me and we lost the pregnancy a week later so I swear it was due to them. Hopefully I'm making the right choice I feel like both the clinic and the GP have let me down to be honest. Also I read that a lot of women have feelings like UTI at the beginning of pregnancy so maybe its a good sign. Just fingers crossed now. Xxxx

  • Hi KittyK. Yes, what you are doing will help lots. Diane

  • Thank you! Finding it hard to stay positive while waiting for that first scan. Twice I've taken one of progesterone tablets like an hour or so too late too so I feel like a moron :( being so stupid. I am taking 4 a day in total as well as pessaries so hopefully twice won't hurt our chances. Just want to skip to January and have someone tell me it/they are fine :( thanks fir yiur support! Cramps have calmed down a little now. Only occasional deep throbs that last for like half our or so every now and then xxx

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