Cramping during 2ww

Hi ladies, I had my ET last Monday and I'm still getting cramps in my tummy, I would of expected this for the first couple of days but is it right to still be feeling it now? I also had a tiny bit of bloody yesterday once when I went for a wee, like honestly it was a tiny amount and probably not even enough to worth mentioning about, but to me I felt really nervous!!

Any ideas / advice? My test date is this Saturday xx

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  • I was similar in the early days - had a little bleed at 4.5 weeks on the same day I got my bfp and that same week had cramps that honestly felt like my period was about to start. It was such a scary feeling, you do think it could all be over. Try not to worry too much - it could either be stretching or the progesterone and unfortunately you won't know for sure until test date. Just hang in there and have positive thoughts.

  • Hi Tlove, that's for such a quick reply!!thats it it really does feel like dull period pains, things have gone really well for us so far so I don't want it to be robbed from us at this stage!!

    I suppose I need to just stay positive, it's a good sign I've had no more bleeding. I'm also feeling very sick, headaches and sore boobs which I'm hoping is all good signs!! I also think I'm probably thinking too much into it all, but it's all I can think about!! As aargh roll on Saturday lol xx

  • Ah, you're nearly there. At least you're about halfway through the 2ww. I definitely understand your anxiety - you tend to associate blood with periods but when you talk to other women, you discover that quite a few women bleed in pregnancy. It doesn't always mean bad news. This whole process just makes us more on edge. x

  • Hi EmJayne91. Cramping during the 2WW is very common due to all the procedures you have been through, and should hopefully soon settle down including the spotting. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Diane

  • It is normal to have a little cramping. Just so you know - I had similar sort of cramps (but no bleeding) during the 2WW with both a BFN and a BFP. Try not to read too much into "symptoms" because many of them can be caused by the progesterone. Still, as others have said, many women have a little spotting now and then at the beginning of pregnancy. Just make sure you report it to them when you next speak to your clinic (assume it will be after your OTD).

  • During our first cycle I was a little sore for a few days after ET but had very little cramping in the 2ww. Unfortunately that cycle was a BFN.

    This time around I had lots of cramping to the point where I had convinced myself it hadn't worked again. I'm now 14 weeks pregnant.

    My only advice would be try and not symptom spot. I really thought I knew my body but I think all the drugs and stress of IVF can play havoc with us.

    I hope this week passes quickly for you and you get some good news on Saturday. Best of luck 🍀 x

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