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First IVF cycle delayed by polyp

Hi everyone,

This is my first post although I’ve been a member of this group for about eight months now. I’m 34 and my partner is 36 and we have been trying to conceive our first for just over two years with no success. We have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

We had our nurse planning appointment for IVF last week on Valentine’s Day (which I thought was a good omen) and we planned to start long protocol this cycle on day 21. I was on my period the day of the appointment so they couldn’t scan me and so I went back to have that done today.

I’ve had several scans and a laparoscopy in the past two years, all of which were fine, but today’s scan showed what might be a polyp in the lining of my uterus. They instantly organised another scan for me with a doctor where they injected saline solution into my uterus to see if it was indeed a polyp or just a fold of the skin in the womb. It still appeared to be a polyp.

They told me that I need to be referred back to the GP and then to the hospital to have it removed as it could affect implantation. Apparently there is a two- to four-month wait for this procedure.

I’m gutted at this delay as I was all geared up to start this month.

The clinic did say that if I wanted to, I could go ahead with treatment up until egg collection and then freeze any viable embryos, which could be transferred later once I had the suspected polyp removed. I’m not sure if my NHS funding would cover the FET part if I did this.

Has this happened to anyone else? I don’t know what to do. Either I go ahead and hopefully get some frozen embryos, or I halt everything until the polyp has been dealt with. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi, this happened to me last year, halfway through my treatment in June they discovered a polyp I had to wait till October to get it removed. I was told to wait 6 weeks before I started new treatment. I started treatment again end of jan and am now in my 2ww. I wasn’t given the option of carrying on with treatment and freezing my embryos.


Hi Binita, thanks for your reply. That is a long wait and I’m sure it felt like forever. All the best for your 2ww.


Hiya, we were in a Similar situation however they didn't find the suspected polyp until I started stimming.

We started if in September 17 and during stimming they spotted what they thought could be a polyp, I was a slow responder to the drugs after a number of scans it was decided that we would have a freeze all, so eggs were collected in the October, fertilized and frozen.

We were informed that as this was due to a medical reason then FET was covered by our funding. We were funded for one fresh cycle. I was given an appointment for January to have hysteroscopy and remove the polyp if they found one, I rang up and Got a cancellation for that same week. The clinic referred us to the hospital themselves straight after ec.

I never had a polyp in the end, it was irregular lining and the biopsy came back clear.

I am now nearing the end of my two week wait after our FET, which I must say apart from these two weeks was a lot more relaxed and easier on the body. Your body goes through a lot during ivf and I was uncomfortable for weeks after EC so glad in the end it worked out how it did.

Hope my rambling is of some assistance and good luck on your journey xx


Hi Vicky, thanks for your reply. How frustrating that it wasn’t even a polyp but good you didn’t have a long wait for the hysteroscopy. Does a hysteroscopy involve general anaesthetic? Did you have much time off work afterwards? And could you get started with the FET process straight away? All the best for your 2ww.


With regards to anathsetic I think it varies as to where you are seen, I was seen at Birmingham womens and wasn't given any form of anathsetic, I was advised to take painkillers before I went. I had the procedure on a Thursday and took the Friday off work too. It felt like period cramps and I had spotting for a few days. As soon as I received the results we were able to start the FET Cycle. To give you an idea of timing I had ec at the end of Oct, hysteroscopy 2 weeks later in November, rang clinic on my December period after receiving biopsy result and started this cycle 4th January.

Thanks, test day is Wednesday so we are near the end now x


I’ve had two ivf stimulation cycles and on both I got a polyp. Each time I got them removed. As far as I understand, ivf stimulation drugs can bring them on so it may be worth going through your egg collection and doing a freeze all so you can then have polyp removed before transfer. Good luck and feel free to pm me xx


Thank you. I’ve not even started down regulating yet so not sure what to do! I’m on day 9 and I was due to start the drugs on day 21.


Reading your post again, I would contact your clinic again and get clarification on whether you can go ahead with your egg collection and whether an FET would be funded. You can’t really make a decision until you know this. I do know how frustrating these setbacks can be. Waiting is the most annoying thing. When you have it done, it is a simple procedure which is over very quickly and you should be back in work the next day. I had no anaesthetic, just paracetamol, the first time it was a bit painful, the second time I hardly felt a thing. Good luck with it xx


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