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Is there really a difference? Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol (Coq10)

I've just found out that i've actually been taking Ubiquinone rather than Ubiquinol for the last 3 months. now im really paranoid ive not actually been doing anything!

Has anyone had any success just taking 'normal' coq10? Ubiquinone? It tends to be the cheaper coq10 advertised, but alot of companies don't explain this either,i found a couple of articles below that explain very well what it does but also that it doesn't actually make a difference which one you take, which makes me feel a bit better but still looking for reassurance :) xx

Any success stories with Ubiquinone?


Another article - drsinatra.com/is-ubuquinol-...

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I've not taken ubiquinone but when I was looking into it the difference seemed to be only an issue where the taker was older as our bodies get worse at converting it into ubiquinol. The way I'd look at it is that they are both supposed to do something, and something is better than nothing. Stay positive. And who knows whether any of these supplements actually really do anything! We all take them in the hope, and I'm sure the positivity from feeling like we're doing something and taking some control back has just as much benefit. Good luck x


Absolutely! I see no harm so will see what the results say x


I think Jacqui is right. I don't think there's a huge amount of difference. As far as I know ubiquinol is 'body ready' so more easily absorbed, but as long as you are reasonably fit and healthy (& not elderly) then your body will convert ubiqionine into ubiquinol. Don't worry, am sure it's been doing some good 😊 xx


Thank you for you’re response, 😊


I had success on 1st round with a very low AMH (was 3.2 over 3 years prior to IVF) - I took only COQ10. Got 9 eggs, 6 fertilised 5 blasto, one baby.

Also I know of a neurologist that says there is not really much difference. So I think, as the others have also stated, that either option is absolutely fine.

Goodluck xxx


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