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Day 2 of Stims ❤️

Hi Girls!!! I had my first injection last night, second one due after work today, feel absolutely fine up to now ☺️🤗

This may be a really silly question but if I am having ICSI does that mean how ever many eggs they collect they will all be fertilised? Am I right with thinking with ICSI they fertilise it in the lab meaning it's not just waiting for nature to take its course?

It's my partner with the issue due to him having CF the tube which takes the sperm out is missing so he has already had his op back in October to take sperm direct and that has been frozen for us.

We have been told earliest EC will be 7th Feb, I'm on a short protocol did anyone actually have EC the day they initially said or is it more than normal to need a few more days of injections? I'm in for my next scan on 5th Feb which will be day 10.

Also did anyone else know vitamin A is bad for conception?? I've been taking multi vitamins and didn't realise this till the nurse told me at my scan on Friday, wasn't very happy as Iv previously told the doctor exactly what vitamins I've been taking!

I've now changed my multi vitamins to pre pregnancy ones from Asda, I've noticed they have the recommended dose of vitamin D and folic acid in though which I've also been taking separately so should i now just take the pre pregnancy ones or still continue with all 3?

Thank you and sorry for 101 questions

Emma xx

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Hi! Best of luck with ur cycle! I had ICSI too. With ICSI each egg will have 1 single sperm injected into it. However they may not all fertilize to form embryos. But the hope is the majority of them will!

My EC was delayed by 2 days as my follicles werent big enough, the extra 2 days meds helped them get to the right size. The nurse told me it happens all the time. They are also others who go ahead on the original EC plan. U will be monitored though so theyll know best! Good luck xx


Thank you for your reply ☺️

I'm so excited but nervous too! I just keep thinking positive minds and all that! Xx

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Yes absolutely being positive is great xx

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Hey Emma, good luck for your next injection.

On the day of EC, those eggs that are mature will be injected in the lab with your husband’s sperm. After approx 24hrs they will check to see how many of them have fertilised normally. They’ll keep in touch with you then with regards to when your embryo transfer will be, it’ll usually be either day 3 or day 5.

Your egg collection day can change a bit, it’s not unusual for this to happen as they may want you to take your injections for another few days.

The prepregnancy vitamin will have everything you need in it so I would discontinue the others.

Wishing you lots and lots of luck for your cycle xx

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Aww thank you so much for your reply. Do they usually do transfer 5 days after EC but it's changed to 3 days if there looks like there could be an issue or the other way round?

Just got home now, waiting for the other half then it's injection number 2s time ☺️🤗 Xx


The transfer day thing depends on your clinic’s policy. Are you funded? As it costs more to culture to blastocyst but nhs rounds would usually include this as appropriate.

Egg collection on my first round actually happened a couple of days sooner than I was expecting- so it can go either way! I’ve just had my third egg collection and tbh I didn’t bother to ask about when they thought it would be as I knew it is inaccurate. But actually it was exactly 13 days after I started stims which was the same on my second round.

My clinic told me they expect 2/3rd fertilisation with normal ivf and actually this is about what I’ve achieved with icsi too, but around 50% of my husband’s sperm are chromosomally abnormal so I guess that might skew our results a little.

It’s important to know that not all the eggs they retrieve from you will necessarily be suitable for ICSI (eg not mature), so the numbers change as the process goes on.

Good luck x


Ps vitamin a in the form of carotene is fine but retinol is not good for a foetus. Never heard that it’s not good for eggs though so I’m sure you’ll be fine x


It depends on embryo numbers and quality. If you have a good number of embryos of good quality by day three they’ll wait and continue to watch them until day 5 in the hope they can identify the embryos that have the best chance of leading to pregnancy. At this stage some of them may have reached blastocyst which is good. You may also be lucky and have some left over to freeze. The lab at the clinic will be really good and ring you to keep you informed. They explain all very well. Good luck with jab 2 x


Hey, Emma. I just want to tell you that you dont need to apologize for asking questions on here. More power to them, in fact. That being said, I dont think it's completely alright with me that youre taking medical advice of this calibre from the ladies on here, including myself. It's one thing to gather many viewpoints and experiences and another to base your own position off of the experiences of other. I know most of it is just a coping mechanism, to try to comfort yourself and not worry about any anomalous situation you may have. Now that being said, I would urge you to always keep your doctors in the loop and direct your questions not only here, but to your doctors as well. I opted for IVFs, in my attempts to conceive, and had to be put on supplementary vitamins and etc. That was all approved for by my doctors and that still ended up being not helping in any way with the process. My IVFs ended in failure as well. I am not sure whether those two things were connected, according to my doctors, they were not. I would advise care when going about these things and always do exactly what your doctors tell you. Anyway, i wish you good luck.


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