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Hello all

I have just joined this page. We haven't started ivf yet, we are booked in for next month. I swear my brain is in over drive already. I know that we just have to go with the flow, take each day as it comes and try to relax. But I'm such a fearty when it comes to needles and such a pansy when it comes to pain that I can't help being slightly terrified!

It's such an exciting time but it really does make you go a bit crazy with all your thoughts. Is it really sore? What's everyone doing to relax

Thank you

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You can totally do this. None of the pain of the procedures is worse than the mental pain of infertility and this will give you the strength to get through the needles and scans and hormonal feelings. You are strong enough, and everyone on here will support you xx


Thank you. It's amazing how reading just a few words can make you relax a bit.

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The actual process is quite straightforward... i hate needles..., but after doin the injections once or twice its so easy believe me. Try not to over think and go with the flow xx


Welcome 👋🏻 It’s brilliant on this forum. You’ll get so much support from a bunch of really amazing women...if I do say so myself 😆 x


Welcome hun! As the others said the needles and procedures are all fine and you don't mind doing them as it feels like you are doing so getting. The mental side of it is by far the harder side but manageable for sure so keep strong and so excited for you! Eeeek


I hate needles to. I was very worried about doing them. But i personally didnt feel any pain with them at all. I recommend reading through the instructions a few times before you start. That way you dont panic half way through wondering of you are doing correctly.


Yes it took me ages to took my first injection on my own. But it really wasn’t so bad. The progesterone shots are worse if your clinic does them but you can also take pessaries instead.


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