Acupuncture or Reflexology

Hey girls,

So I often see people ask which is better out of the 2 above. I think it all comes down to personal preference and you should probably give each a try to see what you like.

With my FET in March I did acupuncture. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it. It was fine, I couldn't really get into it and relax although did feel relaxed afterwards. I found it quite expensive (Β£45 for 30 minutes).

I'm undergoing my next FET and this time I decided to try reflexology. It's Β£40 but for 1 hour. I've just had my first session and have to say I found it very relaxing. I prefer it to acupuncture. I quite enjoy having my feet played with anyway πŸ˜‚ but it's firm so doesn't feel tickly or anything.

I don't believe either will make a pregnancy happen anymore than it would if you didn't have treatment but at a time when we feel so anxious and worried I think it's nice to do something that helps us relax πŸ˜€

Sorry, not much information really about either but just thought I'd let you's know how I've found the 2 πŸ™‚

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  • I agree I love reflexology, I am DR at the mo and have a session booked in for Sat. It's a great way to keep me relaxed.

  • I found it very relaxing. I'm booked in again for Monday πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your cycle! Xxx 🀞

  • I have both, both with qualified fertility practitioners, and I would agree that reflexology is the more relaxing treatment overall but actually the IVF reflexology protocol is not as relaxing as normal reflexology.

    I've probably got better results with my cycle from acupuncture and my therapist always gives me time to meditate while the treatment is happening, which is relaxing, but the whole needle thing for me is the part which is never going to be as nice as the foot massage!

    I've recently been having Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage and that IS relaxing but it also completely drains me afterwards too... comparatively expensive to the other two therapies but hopefully it will help!

    Best of luck with your next FET. xx

  • The manual lymphatic drainage sounds interesting. I'll look into that πŸ™‚

    Thank you πŸ™πŸ€žxxx

  • Yeah I tried both and much prefer reflexology. Acupuncture was emotional & 'interesting' the first couple of times but then I just found it to be a lot of expense for little return. Reflexology gave me a lot of answers, calmed me down and gave me a more positive outlook on life in general. I agree that I don't think either are a miracle cure but I will definitely be doing some more reflexology :)

  • Yeah I found the same with acupuncture and my first FET resulted in the same as my fresh cycle so don't feel it gave me any extra benefits as they claim. I couldn't zone out, maybe because sessions are short. But last night with my reflexology session I felt I was able to relax straight away πŸ™‚ Xxx

  • For a while I had a hobby to relax, which consisted of filling balloons with paint and then bursting them. I would hit them against a wall and then I would shoot the target. I loved it! I ended up full of paint and everything around me. My husband hated it, that's why I stopped. LOL. With all this stress with infertility, I went with yoga. At first you feel that you break into pieces, but then you feel the relaxation.

    Acupuncture I treated it only once, and I think it's too much money for so little time. I had a session of 45 minutes, and I began to feel a light sleep when I was about to finish my session.

  • I've never tried yoga.

    Yeah acupuncture isn't something I'd tell somebody to do although what I would say is they should give it a go as some people seem to really enjoy it. Sadly I didn't feel that way xxx

  • I LOVE yoga for relaxation. Hatha style is great because it's slow and you push as much as you want (and there is usually a really good amount of relaxation time at the end!!). Off to class tonight where we have about 30 mins of chill time at the end, including cushions and lavender scented eye bags - bliss! Only down side is I have to drive home afterwards!!

  • That sounds great! Think I'd enjoy that πŸ™‚ Xxx

  • Good post. I do acupuncture and unsure of benefits as it's not worked yet but I do fall asleep every time! One thing I would say is it took me 3 acupuncturists until I found one I was happy with. A bit like yoga - it's important to find a practitioner who is right for you I think.

  • I agree. I didn't dislike the lady who I had acupuncture with but wouldn't say I liked her either. To me she didn't seem very friendly. It may have been that which caused me not to feel completely relaxed through treatment xxx

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