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FET and Thin Lining

Hi Guys,

So I am currently going through the process of and FET, my first after a failed ICSI cycle.

I had my first scan today after 8 days on Progynova (3 a day) & my lining is only 5-5.5mm where as my nurse has told me it needs to be at least 7mm.

I will start wearing patches tomorrow and they may up my Progynova to 4 a day.

I’m a little worried now and just wondered if anyone had a similar experience which ended well?

Do the patches work in a couple of days or does it take longer??

Any advice will be greatly appreciated just to put my mind at ease! Thank you in advance :)

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Hey I had a similar experience, on my third cycle my lining didn’t respond well, after 2 weeks on progynova it was 5.3 I think, they put me on it for a further week and it went to 6.4 - although 7 is what they prefer they told me that slightly under was fine.

My treatment was successful and I’m currently almost 20 weeks. Try not to worry, they’ll do all they can to help achieve the thickness they want.

I read that protein was good for increasing the thickness so I increased my protein intake by having more chicken and eggs etc

Good luck 🙂 xxx


Hi Amanda,

Congratulations on your pregnancy :)

Your reply has made me feel better, and you’re right we have to listen to the clinic as they should know whats best but it’s all quite daunting isn’t it.

I’ve been eating lots eggs and avocados etc but ill keep that going over the weekend.

Fingers crossed my numbers increase like yours xx

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Thank you very much 🙂

Yes keep eating the protein and I’m sure the increase in progynova and patches will do the trick! Everything crossed for you 🤞



Hey lovely, whilst I haven't have this experience (first time icsi and current stim process) try drinking Pomegranate Juice. Buy the Pom Wonderful, pomwonderful.com/ as its 100% and its said to help thicken lining. Its expensive about £3.56 a bottle but worth it if it helps. Also increase protein, even if you get protein shakes (low in sugar ones), dark green veg and acupuncture helps to get good blood flow so maybe get a session! Keep my fingers crossed for you xxx



You know now that you’ve said that I can picture to Pom Bottle in the super market. They’re all expensive but if if helps then it’s worth a shot.

Thank you for your suggestions! Fingers crossed it helps xx

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Hiya, hoping the increase in your medication does the trick. I have been making sure I’m eating protein and keeping up the exercise to keep my blood circulating. Acupuncture is all about stimulating blood flow to the uterus, that could be worth a try. Keep your feet and bottom of your back warm, have nothing cooler than room temperature drinks or food, lots of water. Can’t think of any other suggestions for you. Best of luck. When do you have to go back? xxx



I’ve been trying to stay warm but it’s blooming hard atm ❄️

And i thought I’d been good with my diet but ill keep that up over the weekend and make sure I’m having lots of protein.

I have to go back Tuesday afternoon for another scan so that gives my body a few days to thicken up - hopefully

Thank you for the suggestions! Xx


Thanks for all your advice! Another scan this morning showed I’m now 8mm ☺️🙏🏼🙏🏼

Hopefully this doesn’t change and my FET will go ahead next week xx


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