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Would a trigger shot cause ohss on a natural cycle

So I'm in lots of talks about our best treatment options .

One was a natural cycle triggered with a ovidrel injection , no stimulation before hand .

I should of asked at clinic today but would that still cause me to have ohss ? I stuffered with my first round and I'm really scared this will happen again ?

Any one had any experience with this if you could shed some light I would very much appreciate it .

I'm so scared now as I have PCOS and ohss is horrible I'm trying to be brave but it's hard x

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Hey, i wouldn’t of thought a trigger injection would cause OHSS as it’s to mature the eggs. I’d say to put your mind at rest though ring your clinic as they’ll be able to give the best advice. When are you hoping to start? Xx

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Hey thank you your right I phoned them and they said exactly that .

I'm not sure when I will start I've still got to determine what's best really my new clinic and doctor is great .

I've just got to be brave again and that's the hard bit .

I think the longer you leave it the harder it gets ohss is horrible but gearing myself up for another BFN is something I'm dreading . At the moment I'm in limbo had such a bad experience last round it's made starting again really daunting prospect . Xx


Hi Benjaminy14. I wouldn't have thought so, as you haven't had stimulation drugs to prepare other follicles. It would only release eggs into one or two follicles at most. Good luck. Diane


Thank you Diane .

That's what the clinic said I've just got to be brave and book next cycle . I'm still feeling fragile after my last IVF and BFN

It really doesn't get any easier !

Still I have to be in it to win it !

Sending thanks and hugs

Nikki x


Indeed you have, but I'm sure the girls on here will support you loads. Thinking of you. Diane

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