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EC day today (cycle 2) πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ Risk of OHSS

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Hi ladies just wanted to share I have my EC today and am feeling a little nervous but not as bad as cycle 1 as I know what to expect. At my last scan on Sat (today is mon) I had over 30 viable follicles so they're a little worried about risks of OHSS which is what is worrying me. I took a half dose trigger shot to reduce that risk. I'm the size of a house and really looking forward to removing some of the pressure going on in my tummy. We have been told that 30 follicles doesn't mean a huge number of eggs... it could be half or less. Cycle 1 I had approx 15 follicles with 9 eggs (EC was stopped before the end as my drugs wore off) and from those 4 fertilised. Here's hoping for the same or better results.... but I know it only takes 1 little egg to work. 😊 Last time I had 15 days of stims before EC but this time I've had 10.

If anyone has any tips for avoiding OHSS or helping it (other than drinking copious amounts of water which I'm doing) that would be great! X

Anyway GOOD LUCK πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ to all of you lovely ladies having your EC this week. If it's your 1st time don't worry, it's really not as bad as you expect just uncomfortable and remember it's all for the best reason in the world!!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

See you on the other side!!



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I have ohss and it's no fun, I had 24 eggs collected and thankfully am now pregnant the only dampener has been the ohss. Drink drink drink it's really the only thing you can do to avoid! Good luck hope everything goes ok, keep us posted X

Kat9lives in reply to Coco2015

Thanks coco, I'm feeling a little more sicky than last time and tummy is more crampy so am prepared for the worst! Just need these eggs to be collected! 😊 xx


Good Luck and defo not as bad 2nd time as you know the procedure xxx

Kat9lives in reply to Hidden

Thankyou lovely. Hope you're ok and looking forward to your hols. Big hugs xxxx

Hey, I had a mild case of OHSS during my first cycle and all I really got told to do was drink water as it keeps tabs on whether your kidneys are being affected by the OHSS. My advice would be to rest and not do anything strenuous.

Also worst case, be prepared for them to cancel your treatment after collection and freeze the embryos. If this happens then it will of course be a huge disappointment. But it's important to remember that your body may not be in very best shape to look after and nurture your embryos. We were on the verge of waiting or proceeding with the transfer and were so desperate to keep things moving just went for it. I'm sure that's why at 7dp5dt I started bleeding and it was all over.

You probably you know all this but hopefully you get a great outcome!

Kat9lives in reply to Imd123

Thanks for this, am drinking until 8.30am then no more before EC. But will drinks lots after xx

Hope it went ok xx

Just a little update... they got 19 eggs!!!!! Im not going to lie the procedure was bloody painful...far worse this time round. (Last time I got 9 eggs). I am on OHSS tummy is swollen beyond belief today but think that's the progesterone pessaries again. Should hear how many fertilised this morning... fingers crossed. Xxx

Daisy14 in reply to Kat9lives

Wow! Any tips?! Take it easy today and fingers crossed for the next bit! Really pleased for you xx

Kat9lives in reply to Daisy14

Thanks lovely. This time round I relaxed and ate healthily but didn't stress about it. If I wanted cake I had cake... if I wanted a small glass of red wine (before I started injections) I did. I ate lots of protein...eggs, chicken, nuts etc and drank lots of water. Had lots of good fats e.g. avo and olive oil etc. Every day I'm trying to do a gentle walk for an hour. Nothing else. I have acupuncture once a week and more around EC/ET and the main thing is I think because the clinic increased my Gonal F this time. Last time I started on 112.5 the 137.5 then 150 which took up to day 15 of stimming and got 9 eggs. This time I started on 150 and stayed at that dose and went up to day 10 of stimming and got 19 eggs. I'm def a bigger beached whale this time round!!! Good luck hun xxx

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