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Personal experience on remedy for OHSS

Hi all

I just wanted to write a quick post on my personal experience of OHSS.

After ET my tummy was quite sore (18 eggs retrieved) and I felt bloated. Not food bloated, but water retention bloated. I could feel the water in my body and my stomach was HUGE (ironically looking about 5 months pregnant) and I couldn't fit into anything.

I started turning breathless and the second night I couldn't even sleep on my side as I could not breathe. I felt my breathing/bloatedness was better in the morning but then during the day I would put on about 6 pounds due to retention. On the second day we called the clinic who diagnosed with mild/moderate OHSS with a recommendation to go to A&E if symptoms continue/worsen, and drink 2-3 litres water.

After a couple of days and no real improvement, I felt I need to take matters into my own hands. Within a day of doing the following, I felt a million times better. It really was like overnight I felt better, and I truly think it was due to the following. I want to share this with you in case it helps someone else:

- drink at least one big carton of coconut water, including a big glass first thing in the morning

- only every other drink should be water

- otherwise strongly brewed mint tea

- keep coconut water by my bed at night and have at least a glass

- have highly salted food (I usually don't add any salt at all)

After a day I felt like a new person. I just wanted to share this in case it helps someone else.

I'm now on my 2ww and eagerly awaiting test date. Hope you're all doing well and enjoyed the lovely vitamin D today!


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Hope u get your BFP!! Best of luck xxx


Thank you for this post! I'm having EC tomorrow and am at high risk of OHSS. We're looking at around 20 being recovered I think and I'm petrified about how I'm going to feel after. Been drinking lots of fluids and my consultant told me yesterday to go and have a full English with lots of protein! Haven't heard about coconut water so will give that a whirl. What is it meant to do? X


I must admit I'm not sure but something to do with the vitamins and minerals. Hope it goes well tomorrow, it's really nothing to worry about xx


Ahh ok, that's good enough for me, I picked some up anyway! Lol. I'll try anything to avoid it! Looking likely that they won't do ET straight away the consultant said so I'm preparing myself for more of a wait! Thank you for your help and putting my mind at ease xx

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Thanks for this sunshineyellow! I had exactly the same experience last time (horrible!) and eventually found the same remedies that you mentioned helped me. I'd almost forgotten them though so it's great to have this as a reminder, thank you! Another one that worked for me was nettle tea xxx

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You're welcome Alice. Hope your cycle is going ok xx

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Thank you xxx


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