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Post failed IVF cycle/OHSS period - endometriosis/adenomyosis

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I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

A couple of days after my egg transfer I was admitted to the hospital with moderate-severe OHSS. I had my test date for this Friday and it was negative, confirmed by a beta hCG. My period also started on Friday (had some light bleeding/spotting on Thursday night) so looked like I’d come to the end of my first attempt at IVF.

I expected my period to be painful - I have endometriosis, my ovaries had swollen up 5 times their size with the OHSS, and I’d just completed a long protocol of IVF. But the pain was excruciating and on one side only, and so again I ended up in A&E and was kept in for observation in case it was a twisted ovary. I’ve been discharged with out-pt follow up as the likelihood of it being twisted isn’t very strong now.

My worry is, I’m in bearable pain if I’m lying down or sitting propped up. I’m ok to walk for maybe 5 mins, and then the pain is back - still on the one side, a stabbing, twisting, burning, cramping relentless pain. The hospital have sent me with oral morph so I can manage the pain at home but I want to avoid taking it unless I absolutely need to so I’m sticking to paracetamol. What could be causing this? I’m not being scanned until later this week and my bloods are coming back in the right direction. I’ve gone from being perfectly mobile to being unable to move much and I’m half terrified this could be permanent- more endo damage caused by the IVF hormones/OHSS.

If anyone has been through this I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

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Thanks for replying. It was only my first attempt at IVF - I don’t plan to give up on my body this quickly!

I’m so sorry it didn’t work out. I would seek more medical advice. It doesn’t sound right to me. X

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Bluetop1981 in reply to Ruby26

Thanks, it doesn’t seem right to me either but I hope we’re both wrong 🤞🏼 . I’m seeing my fertility clinic this week so will have them scan me, and will ask questions there too. I then have an appt at my local hospital the next day so will be armed with information.

I am sorry to read this. If the pain is still there then maybe visit your doctor and ask for help. The medicines you are taking do seem safe. It's good that you are being cautious regarding everything. I think the pain is because of the endo. However, I am not too sure it could be some other reason as well. @Harveydee how can you suggest surrogacy to someone when they just had their first IVF failed? That just doesn't seem right.

I thought the surrogacy suggestion was a bit harsh too 😕😐!

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Sfarre in reply to Bluetop1981

I agree, a very unwarranted comment I must say!

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your cycle and your continued pain. :-( It's good that you are going back to the clinic soon, I'm sure they have much more experience with this sort of situation than A and E docs. Is there a telephone number you can call, to speak to a nurse at your clinic earlier? My clinic offered that service and it was helpful during one particularly painful ohss-related night where I felt like I was basically dying. I would say don't be afraid to take the prescribed painkillers, they wouldn't have given them you if they weren't safe or if you didn't need it. With the amount of pain you are in, it does sound like it is warranted. My clinic told me to take cocodomal (codeine) when I was suffering, it helped, and doesn't appear to have affected things ttc-wise at all.

Really hope you begin to feel much better soon. Sending hugs xx

I’m so sorry that you are in pain. I don’t have any advice to give but I hope the next scan gives you some answers 🤞.

As for the surrogacy comments I think that Harveydee may be one of those fake profiles promoting a clinic abroad. They had been commenting on lots of posts last night suggesting that surrogacy was the answer and I reported them to admin. Pay no attention to them and I hope they are removed soon.

Sending hugs xx

I experienced right sided pain for about a month after egg retrieval. I was told by the fertility clinic that I had fluid in my ovary/follicle and some fluid in my pelvic cavity, but that this is normal.

The painnwoukd wake me every night when the painkillers run out and the pain was excruiating. It’s gone now. It didn’t feel right or something that should be described as normal but I didn’t have the energy to argue with the consultant!

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