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Trigger shot tonight 😯😯

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Hi all

Another hospital trip today - day 13 of injections - scan and blood test today and plans changed again.

I have too many follicles 😀 Right ovary alone has 29 follicles, left one around 18.

Although a positive that we should end up with quite a few good ones at egg collection ... we are doing a freeze all for now due to risk of OHSS with my PCOS.

Egg collection booked for 9am Friday morning...trigger shot at 9pm tonight. I am ecstatic that this is my last injection for a while I must admit.

I was disheartened about the freeze all...but I've processed it all now and a couple of months isn't long to wait after all these years and I want my head and body to be ready for this next step. Not going to lie - it has taken it right out of me so far, emotionally and physically I am drained πŸ˜•

Bricking it for EC Friday - I can't sleep with worry because I'm a big baby but sure I'll be fine once I'm there.

But for now...lets do this last injection 😊


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Hey Jade, my goodness your ovaried must be bulging!! Are you really uncomfortable?

I bet you will be glad to get Friday over and done with and allow your body the break.

Try not to be disheartened as you say you need the break and you want to be in the best shape possible.

With the number of eggs you sound like you will get I am sure you will never need to go through this process again so best they get it right for you.

Enjoy that last injection and best of luck for Friday am 😘 ❀ xx

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Hiya! I'm actually feeling ok. I've had no side effects, feel pretty alright only difference is I'm tired out! I'm a little bloated but other then that I feel fine 😊

I will be glad when this step is over and really praying I won't have to go through it again with all the potential eggs I have growing this time there should be a good few for the freezer πŸ˜‚ I'm going to enjoy this couple of months break and get my body back & ready for transfer when I'm ready ❀

Thanks for your reply xox

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Sounds like a plan. Good luck xx

Best of luck. Hard to wait but as you say you've waited this long you can do it! 😘 xx

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Thankyou! It sounds quite weird but I'll actually be glad of the break. These last few weeks have been tougher then I could have ever imagined. So want to get back into the right frame of mind and ready for having my transfer 😍😚 couple more months will fly by xox

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