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Natural Killer Cells (NK) - Endometriosis/not getting colds - anyone else?


I have Endometriosis, I can ovulate naturally but it’s poor, tried Clomid and Femara for 12 months and a 2.5 years (in total) later I’m still not pregnant.

I know there’s a theory that NK Cells are higher in ladies with Endometriosis... does this correlate with not catching colds and viruses?! I’ve not had a cold or flu or any kind of generic illness for years now... just wondering if I need testing for NK Cell levels before they inevitably refer for IVF...



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Hey hun it's funny you should right this because I was thinking the same. I have endometriosis and I got a test done at covernty and Warwick hospital and it showed I have high NK cells. I am hoping to have a fet this year and I am going to be prescribed steriods to take aswell. Have you had a test done to? X


Hellooo 😀

Haha how strange, it just crossed my mind yesterday that I haven’t had any kind of bad flu or illness for ages, everyone around me is poorly and I’m fine!

Nah I’ve not had a test yet, I’m under a fertility specialist (private hospital but NHS patient) and wondered if I should bring the NK cells theory up before he decides IVF...

did you have to pay for your test ?

Thanks for getting back to me! 😀x


No worries! My husband always comments on how I am never I'll! And that my body is probably eating the embryo ( you have to find a funny side of this situation!) You can self refer at the coventry hospital it cost £560 it two tests! If you need to know anyone else let me know :)



I was thinking the same! What does the testing involve? I’m based in Yorkshire so I’m wondering if there is a clinic nearer. Thanks in advance x


That's ok! I had a biopsy taken from my womb and went back the month after to have the way done again. They compare the results. I am based in London but travelled up to coventry to have the test done. It was the cheapest I found and all you have to do is phone the up. The other places more local to me were expensive and wanted a referl from my clinic x


Thanks for all your replies!

I go to a private hospital but NHS patient... I’ve rang them today to see if they can do the NK cell test, they said if it’s relevant to my treatment and the circumstances then they will go ahead and do it.. find out for definite on 25th Jan! Xx


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