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Natural killer cells

Firstly, thanks everyone for your kind messages on Tuesday after our bfn. As we are all very good at, I have now picked myself up and planning next move. Was going to ask at our review appointment about nk cell testing. Finding it hard to get info on Google for costs of testing and treatment if shown to be high. Just trying to plan for the money side of things! What have others out there been charged for either testing or treatment? Thanks in advance xx

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Sorry to hear your IVF wasn't successful.

I had an Nk blood test done in July - cost £311 for the actual blood test plus £35 for admin and a £50 charge as I wasn't a patient at the clinic. I self refered myself.

It took 4 working days to receive my results -received an email and results and a letter were posted to me.

My results were 12% - which is slightly raised as it's over 10%. As it is not 15% or more my consultant doesn't think it's high enough to stop me conceiving. I'm on my second round of clomid. But he did say he would prescribe a low dose steroid once I'm confirmed to be pregnant to take during the early weeks - it's like a safety precaution if that makes sense.

The other thing my consultant said was he would've preferred if I'd had the biospy done instead as it is the target area- having said that some prefer the blood tests as the uterus lining can vary from month to month.

It is adviseble to speak to your specialist to see which test they would prefer- it's not a cheap test!

I'm surprised couples undergoing any fertility treatment aren't advised to have their Nk tested - couples wouldn't be grudge paying if it meant they had more chance of treatment working.

I wish you the very best with everything



I've never had the test but at my last appointment they said that the cost of the test was so high patients found it cheap to do everything else first like have the intraplids and steroids etc. She said in America (where I had heard most about it) the test but cheaper than drugs so test first drugs if needed whereas in uk drugs were the cheaper option! Shows how everywhere is different if jess1981 only had to pay around £400 I was told bout a grand!! Xx

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I paid £750 for the test after two failed cycles using very good embryos.

My levels came back high so from the day of my peak ovulation I started taking prednisalone (steroid) and clexane (blood thinner) and from day of transfer I took lubion (progesterone injection) and cyclogest. Day before transfer I had something called a intralipid which I had then every 4 weeks until 12 weeks.

Prednisalone and clexane together cost about £38 a week

Lubion cost £85 a week

Intralipid was £350 a go - I can't remember if I had 3 or 4

Prednisalone I took until week 12 and then slowly weaned off until about week 14

Lubion stopped at week 12

Clexane and cyclogest I stopped at week 16

The blood test and treatment was very expensive but oh so worth it- I would really recommend having the test I am so glad I did as not sure how much money we would have spent on failed cycles as my levels were high they didn't think I would have got pregnant without treatment xxx

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Thanks everyone. Sounds like there is a lot of variation! It's sounds worth checking out though as wonder if this would explain why we aren't getting positives despite have some good blastocysts transferred. As it's our last go, think it will be worth finding the money from somewhere. At least we will have given it our best chance. Xx


Hi anna0908. Lots to think about. I do have a list of questions you might like to have a look through before you go for your next consultation. There just may be one or two you hadn't thought of asking. It is too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will send it to you. Good luck with it all. Diane


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