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Natural Killer Cells Biopsy #2 Results

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So last month I made the trip down to Coventry again for the NK Cells biopsy. I had a brief chat with the professor before the procedure, my first result was in the normal range. He prescribed me some cyclogest to use from day 21 of my cycle (oh hello old friend... can't say I've missed you πŸ˜‚).

There was a bit of running around as I needed to get the prescription from their pharmacy before they closed but I was eventually taken through for the biopsy.

As it was quite late most of the staff had gone home so the professor was the chaperone for the procedure, he congratulated me at the end for 'the biopsy of the day' (basically because I was tough and didn't cry or flinch πŸ˜‚). It was a bit more uncomfortable than last time but it's really not as bad as I would have thought before deciding to go ahead with it.

I got an email this week with my results... I was in the high bracket for the cycle day I was on at the time of the biopsy. I have a phone consultation with the professor next week to discuss the results and a treatment plan.

After the first biopsy result came back normal I wasn't expecting to have a high result this time. I felt such a sense of relief after I read the results, finally there may be a reason why I've lost four babies. Finally we may be able to do something different to help us achieve our dream.

The clinic only used to do one biopsy as part of their trial/research, but they decided to change to two biopsies as the first is just a snapshot of your cycle for one month. I'm proof that they were justified in changing to two biopsies.

Is that a glimmer of light I see at the end of the tunnel?!


14 Replies

Interesting results...did they do it on different cycle days?

I'm interested to know if they see this as causing implantation and/or miscarriage issues or both?

Wonder what the treatment plan will involve?

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Sprinkles86 in reply to Hollibob

I know I am really curious what he will suggest, I think it's usually steroids? It was on the same cycle day each time which is why I was just expecting the same result as last time, funny hey?

When I first went to see him he suggested it could cause both failed implantation and miscarriages. He said you hear of women who have miscarriage after miscarriage then all of a sudden it works and she has a baby. His theory is that the levels fluctuate each month, so when the lady had a successful pregnancy it was because it fell on a 'good' month. Fascinating stuff xxxx

I got a positive result, took prednisolone (steroid) and had a baby girl last year!good luck!

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Sprinkles86 in reply to Tango789

Ah that's amazing! Did you have her through IVF or naturally? How did you find the side effects from the steroids? Xxx

I did reply earlier, but it doesn't appear to have worked. It was the 3rd IVF (ICSI) cycle (2nd using prednisolone). I also had the test at Coventry and it was them that prescribed it. Didn't notice any side effects. X

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Sprinkles86 in reply to Tango789

That's great as I've heard all kinds of horrendous side effects, hopefully I will be as lucky as you xxxx

Hi sprinkles, thanks for your updates regarding the NK cell tests. I am planning on having mine done this month. So feeling anxious and nervous! I just finished my period but I am going to start tracking my ovulation. Hopefully this gives you some answers. Are you having another cycle or do you have some frozen? X

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Sprinkles86 in reply to NDE1987

Ah that's so great that you decided to do it!! If you're having it at the clinic at Coventry they are just wonderful and the professor is fascinating!

We have one frozen embie left so hopefully using this in the next month or two, if it doesn't thaw then will be a fresh round after Christmas for us I think. Let me know how you get on with your NK tests xxxx

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NDE1987 in reply to Sprinkles86

I will do hun, good luck with your next cycle and really hope it works for you! Have you been prescribed steroids now x

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Sprinkles86 in reply to NDE1987

Ah thank you 😘 No not yet, I have a phone consultation this week with the professor and I am guessing he will advise me then of the recommended treatment... excited to start our next go now xxx

Hi Sprinkles! The same professor told me that they now realise from their research the count can vary month to month depending on how much stress you are under that month. Or least that's what they think it's down too. I was prescribed steriods originally but then recently told that on some people the steriods actually have a negative impact on the womb lining and that I may be one of those!

However my consultant for the DE wants me on them as he says it's a completely different ball game than using my own eggs, so fingers crossed this time it works. God I hate those steriods too! Xx

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Sprinkles86 in reply to baby2016

It's so hard isn't it, how are you meant to avoid stress altogether?? I have been looking into side effects and they sound.... lots of fun lol, weight gain (like I need more than that after two rounds of ivf!!) mood swings, insomnia... the things we do hey! Xxxx

Hi sprinkles it seems strange to say happy for you but I'm glad you have answers that can hopefully now be addressed & hopefully lead to success next time..if you haven't had the call from the professor yet I really hope it goes well and leaves you feeling positive and ready for your next steps xx

Thanks Georgina I know it's a strange feeling but I was sort of relieved when I read the results! I spoke to him last night, I'm feeling so good about our next try 😊 Steroids up until 12 weeks of pregnancy, progesterone support, endometrial scratch and early scans are what they have recommended xxxx

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